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Bandai Digital Entertainment bundles Motorola 28.8 Modem with Pippin @World Internet/TV appliance


Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp. (BDE) Monday announced bundling a high performance 28.8Kbps external modem from Motorola with its Pippin @World Internet/TV appliance.

Steven McAllister, BDE vice president of sales and marketing, stated that each Pippin @World will be shipped with a Motorola modem and a CD-ROM with self-configuring software to remove virtually all installation steps. "All the user has to do is connect the modem to the phone line and the Internet appliance using easy to recognize cables. The Internet surfing software on the CD carrying the access commands and configuration instructions does the rest."

"Based on Motorola's ModemSurfer product line, the external Hayes-compatible 28.8Kbps modems are fine tuned for the Pippin @World style of surfing the Net using the television as a display device," Tom Buss, Motorola OEM products division general manager, said.

"Incorporated in each compact modem are advanced V.42 error correction and other reliability features designed to assure trouble-free operation while the user takes advantage of all the capabilities offered by the Internet."

These features provide customers with error-free data transfer and optimum throughput and performance that result in savings on line charges.

"In addition to eliminating installation hassles for the user, we are also adding a sense of confidence that every component and feature is optimized for the @World experience," McAllister said. "This is evident in our selection of only quality brands for the family, such as Motorola modems, the operating system from Apple and the Spyglass browser."

BDE configured an extra long cable with each modem to make sure the consumer can keep the Pippin @World as close to the television as possible.

Sophisticated Browser Does All the Work

The Pippin @World incorporates Web browsing technology from Spyglass Inc., making it an easy-to-use Internet surfing device that brings the excitement and information of the World Wide Web and multimedia CD-ROMs to the standard consumer television.

The browser software handles all software instructions for the Pippin @World, as well as for Internet access.

"When the user places the Cyber/CD -- a multimedia CD that interacts with the Internet -- in the quad-speed CD-ROM player built into the Pippin @World, a true plug-and-play experience begins, all automatically. There are no cumbersome commands, confusing set-up routines or fumbling with configuration procedures facing the Net surfer," McAllister stated.

"And the modem-browser combination even allows the surfer to take phone calls and automatically return to the particular Internet site after completing the call."

An integrated @World Dialer feature supports up to three local access numbers. If the first number is busy, the second and third numbers are tried automatically. More than 250 local access numbers in the continental United States are available. A call director feature permits users to program a "call waiting" or "no call waiting" disable command.

Features such as QuickTime and Shockwave are built in the browser, letting customers exploit the full potential of the Web while using the Pippin @World.

The @World Browser is both Netscape Navigator/Microsoft Explorer compatible and HTML 3.2 compliant, providing tables, frames and support for plug-ins. BDE plans for the browser to support GIF 89a animated on-screen icons.

Parental Control Features Incorporated

Designed into the Pippin @World is support for the Surfwatch ProServer, the leading parental control software that allows parents to block unwanted or inappropriate Internet content or e-mail coming into the home.

Jointly developed with Apple Computer, the Pippin @World is based on Apple Power Macintosh to provide a complete Internet experience on conventional home and office television sets. In addition to ease-of-use in installing the modem and accessing the Internet, there are no operating systems or files for the user to configure, making it simpler to install than a VCR, McAllister stated.

The introductory multimedia CD that comes with the product will help familiarize Internet novices with the browser's functionality and the Internet. Additionally, Pippin @World users will be able to enjoy other CD-ROMs, Cyber/CDs and audio CDs.

The Pippin @World offers additional applications that combine CD-ROM and on-line activity such as on-line gaming. Users will be able to engage in competition with others around the world, taking gaming to a new level. Also, users can access on the Internet, the latest information pertaining to particular CD-ROM titles.


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