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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Bare Bones Software BBEdit 4.0.1.


Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce the release of BBEdit 4.0.1. This update to their popular and critically acclaimed text editor and HTML authoring tool adds new capabilities to BBEdit's strong feature set. Highlights of version the 4.0.1 update include:

"PageMill Cleaner" is now a bit faster than before;

Multiple Undo; users can now undo more than just the most recent editing operation, and BBEdit imposes no limit on the number of operations that may be undone.

Direct editing of files from FTP servers; new "Open from FTP Server" and "Save to FTP Server" commands enable BBEdit users to open and edit files residing on remote FTP server as transparently as though the files were on a local hard disk.

Support for TeX; BBEdit 4.0.1 features syntax-directed text coloring and navigation via BBEdit's built-in function popup for files written in TeX, the typesetting language widely used in science and mathematics. The new support for TeX is in addition to syntax coloring and function navigation for C, C++, HTML, Java, Pascal, Fortran, Rez, ScriptX, GuideScript, assembly language, Perl, and Tcl.

Version 2.1 of the BBEdit HTML tools; this new version of the tools fixes reported problems, and provides a variety of cosmetic and functional improvements.

Assorted minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Licensed owners of BBEdit 4.0 may download this update free of charge from here.