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"The Adventures of Batman & Robin" Activity Center in Time for Christmas



Based on the hit TV series from Warner Bros. Animation, "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" Activity Center offers 11 endlessly replayable activities for ages 5 and up Gryphon Software Corp. began shipping "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" Activity Center this week on hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh.

The "Adventures of Batman & Robin" Activity Center combines the characters, story and setting of Warner Bros. Animation's hit TV series with Gryphon's proprietary technology to create a truly interactive experience for children 5 and up.

In computer and retail stores in time for Christmas, the CD-ROM will sell for a suggested retail price of $49.

Through "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" Activity Center, children can explore the world of "Batman & Robin" and interact with some of their favorite characters including "Batman," "Robin," "Alfred," "The Joker" and "Two-Face."

By entering "Wayne Manor," "The Batcave" or the streets of "Gotham City," children will find 11 activities, including mazes, puzzles and matching games, that reset into new patterns each time they are played, creating a new challenge every time. Three levels of difficulty are available that can be adjusted individually for each activity.

For example, if a child is more skilled at solving puzzles than he is at mazes, he can set the puzzle at the hardest level and the maze at the easiest. In addition, each time an activity is solved, the player gains a clue to help Batman capture one of 11 notorious criminals and put him or her back in "Arkham Asylum."

"With `The Adventures of Batman & Robin' Activity Center, we've created a venue where kids can learn by interacting with their favorite superheroes," said Daniel Elvester, vice president of sales and marketing for Gryphon Software. "We've worked very hard to stay true to the style of the animated series as well."

The voice-over work was done by members of the original cast from the series, including the voice of Kevin Conroy as "Batman," Loren Lester as "Robin," Mark Hamill as "The Joker," and Richard Moll as "Two-Face."

"We were very pleased with the synergy that developed between Gryphon, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment while working on this project and are extremely happy with the results," said Holly Stein, vice president of licensing and marketing, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


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