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Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc As Freeware, Download here


Bare Bones Software, Inc. released BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc, a software module ("OpenDoc part") for use with Apple Computer's OpenDoc component software environment. Built for elegant text manipulation, this OpenDoc part is being distributed as freeware.

BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc brings the text-editing and text-transformation capabilities made famous by "BBEdit", the industry-leading text editor, to the OpenDoc environment. When specifying BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc as the editor for text content, OpenDoc users may take advantage of BBEdit's ability to edit and process large quantities of text with great speed. Included in the BBEdit Lite part is the ability to perform search-and-replace operations on text, including the ability to apply "Grep" pattern-matching rules for powerful and flexible text searching.

In addition to Grep capabilities, BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc provides text transformation tools such as Change Case, Entab and Detab, Zap Gremlins (to remove or change eight bit characters within text), and Hard Wrapping. As with other members in the BBEdit family, BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc supports BBEdit Extensions, enabling users to write their own text manipulation tools.

"BBEdit rocks!" said Jim Black, Apple Component Software Evangelist. "Many users, myself included, have been eagerly anticipating a BBEdit Lite part for OpenDoc. Since all OpenDoc components interoperate seamlessly, BBEdit fans can now use the features of their favorite text editor directly from within any OpenDoc document."

Bare Bones Software has an established tradition of technological leadership. BBEdit was the first commercial text editor to integrate with Symantec and Apple development tools, support emerging technologies such as Apple Guide, AppleScript, Macintosh Drag and Drop, XTND, PowerTalk, and Internet integration, and to take advantage of the high performance PowerPC) processor used in the Power Macintosh platform.

Download BBEdit Lite for OpenDoc.


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