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Astrobyte Announces BeyondPress 2.0.3 Now Publishes Web Pages in 4 Languages


Astrobyte announced the addition of multilingual capabilities to BeyondPress, its award-winning HTML conversion tool.

BeyondPress allows QuarkXPress users to publish their documents on the World Wide Web. Version 2.0.3, a free upgrade for users of version 2.0 and higher, is localized for the French, German, Dutch and English languages.

BeyondPress is notable for its unique approach to document conversion. The Document Content palette allows users to view the contents of a QuarkXPress document, and arrange elements to form HTML articles. The Preview button converts text and images, and displays the results in a browser such as Netscape Navigator.

BeyondPress preserves text styles and paragraph alignment, and converts special characters automatically. To preserve additional formatting such as headlines and bulleted lists, users can map QuarkXPress style sheets to HTML styles, or apply styles directly to text ranges. BeyondPress supports the definition of custom HTML styles.

BeyondPress also supports the latest Web features, including client-side and server-side image maps and fully formatted HTML tables. Users can enliven their Web pages with background colors and tiled image backgrounds, and custom colors for links and text. BeyondPress users can link both images and text to URLs.

BeyondPress converts images to GIF or JPEG format, including interlaced GIFs and progressive JPEGs. BeyondPress can also convert any group of text boxes, pictures and graphic elements to a single, antialiased image. Users can crop and scale images, and set transparency, borders, outsets, and alternative text. BeyondPress will create an optimal color palette for each image or use a specified color palette for all. Converted images can be shared across multiple web pages.

Features such as custom headers and footers, date and time stamps, and Apple Events scripting allow automated processing of documents. Sample scripts include a script to create links in a document's text and a droplet to convert word processor files, text files and images to HTML.

On launch, BeyondPress uses one of four languages, depending on the user's System language. Users of Quark's multilingual product QuarkXPress Passport can change the BeyondPress language at any time, using Passport's language menu. BeyondPress 2.0.3 is available with either French or English documentation.

BeyondPress 2.0.3 for Mac OS is available now at an estimated street price of $595.00. Users of version 2.0 and higher can download the free upgrade from the Astrobyte web site. 1.0 users can purchase an upgrade for $149. BeyondPress is available from select distributors and direct from Astrobyte.


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