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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

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Wednesday April 16, 1997


Big Brother 1.2, Download here

Big Brother reads HTML files and makes sure that the links they contain are still valid. You will find it useful if you maintain a Web page (or a whole site!) or if you have a long list of bookmarks.

The main news in 1.2 is that Big Brother can now open remote documents and follow links recursively. A lot of other new features have also been added, and stability is enhanced.

Big Brother features:

- Checks documents off your hard disk or fetches them from a server - Follows links, so a whole site can be checked in one fell swoop - Blazing speed - checks dozens of links concurrently - Precise diagnostics - when a site moves, its new address is given - Support for all HTML 3.2 tags, including BASE HREF - Integration with URL Manager Pro, Frontier, Web Squirrel - Built-in support for Alpha, BBEdit and CodeWarrior - Generates HTML reports - Support for MacTCP and Open Transport - Support for Internet Config 1.1 or later - Fat binary, works native on 68k and PowerPC Macs

Big Brother requires the Thread Manager (which is part of System 7.5).

Big Brother is $10 shareware. Try it out and feel free to send me suggestions or comments Francois Pottier,.

Download Big Brother 1.2



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