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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Blitz Storage Cataloguing Software Turns 1.1, Download here


Blitz version 1.1. is now available, the latest upgrade to the high performance, low cost removable storage cataloguing software. Changes to Blitz v1.1 are the direct result of input from users of the previous version.

With this release, the cataloguing software is faster. Available for the first time in a version accelerated for Power Macintosh, searches on Power PC systems are approximately 50% faster than version 1.0. Further code refinement has meant that cataloguing is now an average of 40% faster, and in some cases 60% faster. The combination of optimised code and various usability enhancements means that Blitz is better than ever.

Usability Enhancements

-Create a catalogue simply by dragging a volume onto the Blitz application icon. -Save the find results to a text file. -It's now possible to change the name of a catalogue and delete a catalogue from within Blitz. -Accelerated for Power Macintosh -Registrations can now be paid with credit card.

What is Blirt?

Blitz is a high performance file cataloguing utility. Blitz can catalogue all the files of a 650MB CD-ROM and take a mere 60K of disk space to do it (unlike some programs which use around 5MB of space). Finding a file on 10 of these catalogues (a combined storage size of nearly 7 Gigabytes) generally takes less than 10 seconds! Blitz is ideal for use with CD-ROMs, Zip Drives, Jazz and Syquest cartridges. Blitz can easily handle disks that have tens of thousands of files on them.

Blitz is distributed as shareware, and can be freely distributed across the internet and online services. Blitz costs $US15.00 to register (quantity and academic rates are available). More details on registering are contained within the program.

Download the PPC version of Blitz

Download the 68k version of Blitz Contact Details


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