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BMAC Clearinghouse for Former Boston Computer Society


A small group of loyal computing enthusiasts have met and formed BMAC. BMAC will act as clearinghouse for information concerning the groups and subgroups of the former Boston Computer Society, especially those with an interest in Macintosh.

BMAC has formed a Web Page which will maintain a calendar, description of meetings, name and phone number of meeting directors, and directions to the meetings. In addition, a Macintosh Dial Help Directory will be maintained. I am asking for your permission to post your group and request that you contribute any information (announcements, dates, location, etc.) which may be relevant to your meetings. Postings may be sent to Jonathan Duke at .

The final issue of the BCS Journal is being prepared and each group may post information concerning its future. I encourage each of you to take advantage of our web page by announcing in the BCS Journal that your group will use the BMAC Web Page as one of the vehicles to disseminate information concerning your user group. Submission deadline to the BCS is September 25.

They are also encouraging readers to inform your group members to take our quick web page survey so that we may maintain a list of members and determine their interest in the possibility of receiving a newsletter.

All of BMAC extends their best wishes to your group. We hope that you will survive long into future and remain constantly in contact with your fellow computing enthusiasts.


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