The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Boeing Intranet Catalog Combines Icat Technology With Video & Realaudio


iCat Corp. announced today that The Boeing Co., the world's largest commercial airplane manufacturer, has created a multimedia Intranet catalog of training programs with iCat's Electronic Commerce Suite, the most complete Internet commerce solution available.

Spearheaded by Boeing's Center for Leadership and Learning, the Intranet site features in-depth descriptions of the training programs, streaming video, RealAudio files, sophisticated searching capabilities and real-time registration.

"iCat software's flexibility allowed us to publish a customized, efficient managerial tool in a matter of weeks," said Rikel Getty, webmaster, Boeing Center for Leadership and Learning. "Because many managers have access to the Web, an Intranet solution was an efficient way of giving them a convenient, engaging way to access the training materials. In addition to the convenience, it will improve our bottom line by greatly reducing the excess paperwork and delays in the course registration process."

Boeing teamed with iCat to develop the unique Intranet application, providing access to learning resources for Boeing managers located all around the world. With the new electronic catalog, managers can now preview a variety of different course programs by reading detailed descriptions and accessing RealAudio and streaming video files of the presentations (either viewing the media files directly online or downloading them to review later). They can also order associated materials, register for the course, or search the catalog for the most relevant course by entering the course name, management level, topic, media type, month, and a variety of other attributes.

"Boeing's innovative Intranet application exemplifies the next wave of how electronic commerce software is going to be used," added Craig Danuloff, iCat's president and chief executive officer. "In the past several months, we've seen exponential growth of customers developing Intranet applications with iCat software."

Apple Computer recently launched a secure intranet application designed exclusively for their employees, using iCat technology. iCat leads the industry in having the most direct customers, including Office Depot, World Wrestling Federation, The Edutainment Company and GolfWeb, who have all used the software to create interactive Web shopping sites.

In addition to direct customers, more than 80 Web development firms and hosting companies nationwide have joined iCat's partner programs by selecting iCat as the electronic commerce solution for their business customers. Bundling catalog development services and Web site hosting services with the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite continues to be the most complete and flexible solution available.

The iCat Electronic Commerce Suite was recently awarded a "Four Star" rating and given Macworld's "Editors' Choice Award" for the best software for building a dynamic Web site. The Suite was named the "Software of Choice" by The Catalog Site, home to more than 170 retail and business-to-business catalogs on the Web.


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