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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

IBVA Technologies Expansion Paks for Innovative


IBVA Technologies, Inc., maker of the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA) system, announced today a set of Expansion Paks for its innovative brainwave control system. The IBVA system is a Macintosh-based electroencephalograph (EEG) featuring a one- or two-channel headband, wireless transmitter, receiver and brainwave analysis software that provides a direct mind-to-computer link.

The new Expansion Paks are add-on applications and hardware that will enable IBVA users to use their brainwaves to wirelessly control industry standard video games, virtual reality applications, and common household devices including CD players, VCRs, cable boxes, light switches, security systems, etc.

The 1 channel IBVA retails for $1,295 and the 2 channel IBVA retails for $2,295. To kick off the announcement of the new Expansion Paks, the 1 channel IBVA is being offered to Evangelist members for $995 and the 2 channel for $1,995 through July 31, 1996.

IBVA's New Expansion Paks include:


  • Video Game Expansion Pak: Control Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn or Super Nintendo with your brainwaves! The IBVA enhanced joystick for each platform retails for $280. And the deluxe edition for controlling all three platforms retails for $320.


  • Virtual Reality Expansion Pak: This Pak connects to the i-glasses! system from Virtual i-O to bring brainwave interaction to virtual reality. The Virtual Reality Expansion Pak retails for $60.


  • X-10 Expansion Pak: X-10 is a communications method that uses the electrical wiring already installed in most houses to send and receive signals to control lights, garage doors, security systems, etc. The IBVA X-10 software easily allows you to assign which X-10 devices will be controlled (or not) depending on the brainwave frequencies and voltages you assign. The X-10 Expansion Pak retails for $80.


  • Infra-Red Expansion Pak: This Pak includes the ultra-quality Celadon PIC-200 Infra-Red controller, IBVA IR Control software and the Mind OS(TM) CD-Player Control Module software that together will allow a user to place ordinary household devices such as CD players under the control of the IBVA system and your brain activity. The IBVA Infra-Red Expansion Pak retails for $480.

Learn more about the new Expansion Paks at IBVA's improved Web site. The Web site now offers comprehensive information on IBVA's advanced, brain-to-computer interface and software programs as well as downloadable screen shots from IBVA's Step 1 CD-ROM, which features brain-controllable multimedia movies, graphics and demo programs.


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