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Rhythmic Sphere, Inc. Announces The Catalog Co-op


The Catalog Co-op is an innovative resource for sharing and distributing Internet-based information. While most Internet content providers are adopting a "broadcast superstation" model, The Catalog Co-op encourages communication that originates with an individual and reflects her/his expertise and insight about a particular topic.

At the heart of The Catalog Co-op are annotated catalogs authored using SiteMarker, Rhythmic Sphere's unique Web productivity tool. SiteMarker allows users to find Web information, extract, organize and annotate URLs, and save them in documents called catalogs; hence the name, Catalog Co-op. SiteMarker Catalogs can be thought of as Web-guides, enabling users to browse topical collections of links that are assembled into a narrative whole. Catalogs can be distributed to Intranet colleagues, students, or shared with friends. Additionally, with SiteMarker's powerful HTML authoring features, catalogs can be exported as Web sites that can be browsed in the traditional fashion. The Catalog Co-op provides a central place for downloading and sharing catalogs of all types. Rhythmic Sphere is sponsoring a contest for the best user-submitted catalog. The winner receives a brand-new Iomega Zip drive! Visit the Co-op for contest details.

The concept of "Curated Information," is central to The Catalog Co-op and is a step towards evolving the typical Internet experience. While many content providers are setting up their systems to inundate Internet users with mass-media-broadcast-content, The Catalog Co-op allows individuals to benefit from the experience, ideas, and expertise of others... and to offer their own, if they so choose. The Co-op maintains the legacy of one-to-one, and one-to-many communication that is an important part of the Internet's heritage. Furthermore, since catalogs can be exported as Web sites, The Catalog Co-op also provides a place for users to publish Web content. The Co-op's goal is to enhance diversity on the Internet, and ensure that unique, and personally relevant resources are as easy to find as well-funded mass-market resources.


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