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Mecklermedia's First Comprehensive Survey of Internet CEOs


Mecklermedia Corporation announced the publication of the first comprehensive survey of Internet CEOs. The survey, "Internet CEOs: New Guard for a New Industry," appears in the August 5 issue of Web Week, Mecklermedia's newspaper of "Web Technology and Business Strategy".

The survey, conducted by contributing writer Elizabeth Gardner and based on information provided by 57 Internet-industry CEOs, covers everything from the salaries Internet-industry CEOs earn and the amount of equity they hold in their companies, to previous work experience and when they got their first E-mail accounts. The survey casts doubt on the general theory that Internet companies as a whole are run by inexperienced executives fresh out of school. Although 17% of the executives surveyed were under 30 years old, even more-19%-were over 50. And 37% of today's Internet CEOs have previous top executive experience, the Web Week survey reveals.

"Our research confirms something people have long suspected," said Robert Hertzberg, Web Week's Editor-in-Chief. "And that is that the Internet attracts people from a remarkably eclectic set of backgrounds. For instance, while six of the CEOs we surveyed had degrees in electrical engineering- pretty much what you'd expect in a technology company CEO-the same number had studied economics. It's a remarkably diverse group." That diversity at the executive level is reflected in the stories of such Internet companies as Cybersource, net.Genesis, Inktomi, Concentric, Allaire and First Floor-all of whose executives are profiled in the three-pages that comprise the August 5 feature story.

The story also includes extensive charts aggregating the responses of the 57 CEOs. Hertzberg said "Internet CEOs: New Guard for a New Industry" was the first effort Web Week has made to quantify the executive side of the Web industry-but it wouldn't be the last. "This industry is changing so fast, we expect that if we revisit this subject a year from now, the responses and the profile of the players will have changed significantly," he said. Web Week released its first issue in April 1995 as a monthly, and increased its frequency in April 1996 to biweekly.


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