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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

NetManage Releases ChameleonNFS for Mac


At Mactivity (booth #504) -- NetManage released a new NFS product for the Apple Mac OS customers. ChameleonNFS for Mac OS expands corporate IntraNet functionality with Network File System (NFS) client capability added to the popular Mac OS IntraNet desktop suite. NetManage also revealed its plans to deliver six additional applications to its Mac OS customers by year end. The announcement reinforces NetManage's position as the industry's most complete cross-platform IntraNet vendor, with a Mac OS product line that offers development tools, host connectivity, Internet access, electronic mail and remote access features.

In addition to providing a complete IntraNet applications suite that combines standards-based host connectivity, Internet access, email and remote access solutions, ChameleonNFS for Mac OS allows corporate users to share files over cross-platform networks. Providing Mac OS users with a familiar interface for file sharing, Chameleon's NFS client allows users to mount an NFS server via the Chooser, just as they would mount an AppleShare server. Once mounted, NFS server volumes appear like any other volume on the Mac OS desktop. The NFS client honors the NFS server's native file system security, regardless of the server platform. Versatile, platform-independent file sharing and security are key features of IntraNet integration.

"Our business demands that we collaborate constantly on shared documents, across the network," says Peter Pappas, senior engineering manager of Routing Technology, at US Robotics, a beta tester of ChameleonNFS for Mac OS. "Adding an NFS client to Chameleon allows our Macintosh(R) users to easily adopt IntraNet technology and interoperate in our cross-platform network environment."

Building on the success of its cross-platform XoftWare X-server, Z- Mail email and HostLink terminal emulation packages, as well as its breakthrough WinSock SDK, NetManage also announced its intention to extend the capabilities of its already feature-rich Chameleon IntraNet suite. Due later this year, the Chameleon for Mac OS update represents a one-size-fits-all package sure to please IS managers.

"We are committed to providing our Mac OS customers with a comprehensive set of IntraNet solutions," says Peter Coppola, senior product manager for NetManage's Macintosh line. "With NFS we have added the best available solution to facilitate cross-platform file sharing on an IntraNet. The applications eliminate the need to mix application vendors to support host connectivity, X Windows server capability, cross-platform file sharing, Internet access, email and remote access."

NetManage will demonstrate its one-size-fits-all Chameleon and ChameleonNFS for Mac OS package at the MacWorld tradeshow in Boston this August. New applications include TN3270, TN5250, a personal FTP and web server, Z-Mail and Forum. Z-Mail is NetManage's industry-leading cross- platform, standards-based e-mail client. Forum will provide access to IntraNet discussion groups and Internet newsgroups and, when integrated with the Z-Mail e-mail client, will allow users to easily forward discussion messages found both on internal and external networks. In addition to receiving a special introductory price, early purchasers of ChameleonNFS for Mac OS will receive a no-charge update to the new version.

The complete ChameleonNFS for Mac OS suite features PacerTerm, a powerful host access application which supports VT420 terminal emulation and advanced scripting features. Chameleon's FTP client offers a drag and drop enabled, Finder-like interface for browsing servers and transferring files, and support for common firewalls. The suite also includes WebSurfer, a comprehensive HTML 3.0 compliant web browser with support for HTTP proxies, and PacerPPP which features remote access for both TCP/IP and AppleTalk(R) over PPP.

NetManage will be demonstrating its complete line of products for the Mac OS platform this week in booth number 504 at the Mactivity tradeshow in San Jose, California.

The normal list price for ChameleonNFS will be $395. The NFS client is currently available as a 30-day evaluation trial for free on NetManage's Web site . The complete ChameleonNFS for Mac OS suite is available now for a special introductory price of $195 through November 1, 1996.


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