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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

ChatNet Provides Parents & Teachers Internet Peace of Mind

ELS, Inc. has released ChatNet, the only Apple Macintosh IRC client
that provides security and control over the entire Internet Chat

As the Internet grows daily, the issue of how to protect our children
from some of the explicit information and conversation that is accessible
through the Internet is of increasing concern. This week parents and
teachers have a new tool to help them control kids chatting on the

ChatNet offers a simple, button oriented, graphical interface familiar to
anyone who uses major on-line services. ChatNet includes ChatGuardian to provide restricted server access and complete security over all features
including built-in censor controls. For further peace of mind,
ChatWatcher is also included to track all user activity.

ChatNet provides direct communication and file transfer at the touch of a
key. All chat commands and actions are easily implemented with a click of a button. ChatNet offers two modes for Chat. The AppleTalk Mode allows
chat on a Local Area Network with or without a Server. The IRC Mode
allows chat through an Internet Relay Chat Server. ChatNet is the first
client program that does not require user knowledge of IRC commands. Even the most novice user can now take advantage of Internet chat.

A free demonstration download of ChatNet v2.0 is available here.


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