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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Children IQ test CD-ROM for Home


Virtual Knowledge today announces the release of the Children's IQ and Achievement Test multimedia CD-ROM series.

This series represents a significant innovation in children's aptitude and achievement testing bringing reliable and comprehensive children's academic assessment to the home.

The Children's IQ and Achievement Test is based on the long-standing American School Psycho-Educational Assessment Batteries. Underlying the engaging screen designs, activities and straightforward reporting is solid research and testing theory. The series has been jointly developed by the experts at ProEd, leaders in the field of academic assessment, and Virtual Knowledge, leaders in innovative multimedia product design. Together the companies have created a unique, engaging and rich testing experience. The products in the series include Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3), Intermediate (Grades 4 to 6) and Advanced (Grades 7 to 9) versions.

"We feel that parents should be equal partners in the education process. To do this, parents need to be aware of their child's abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This series makes that all possible," said David Blohm, President of Virtual Knowledge.

Features of the Children's IQ and Achievement Test:

-- Maximizes Performance - Creates a relaxed and fun environment, eliminates test anxiety - maximizing the child's performance. Engaging, age-appropriate characters administer the test with minimal parental involvement. Includes challenging games and activities that reinforce concepts being tested.

-- Exclusive Tracking Feature - The test can be re-administered at six month intervals to track a child's progress throughout the first ten years of school. Each child's progress is charted with detailed reporting that outlines test results.

-- In-Depth Reporting Capabilities - Test scores are given in these subject areas: Listening Comprehension, Oral Directions and Sequencing, Letter/Word Recognition, Word Comprehension, Verbal Analogies, Symbolic Reasoning, Listening Vocabulary, Figural Analogies, Reading Vocabulary and Paragraph Comprehension, Math Computation, Math Problem Solving, Spelling, Capitalization/Punctuation, Science, and Social Studies.

Parents can review a number of insightful reports that may be displayed on-screen or printed out. These reports include: Grade Equivalents, Percentile Rank, Standard Scores and Discrepancy Analysis, which examines the differences between the IQ and achievement scores.

-- Parent Resources - Included is an eighty-page manual with a section of commonly asked questions and a guide to interpreting test results. Additionally, parents can submit questions and comments to the Ask the Experts forum on the Virtual Knowledge World Wide Web site.

"This is going to change the way children are tested," said Katie Spinos, Assistant Superintendent, Newton Public Schools, Newton, Mass., "I highly recommend this product. Every family should know how well their child is doing and where they need assistance," added Spinos. "Additionally, by providing a non-threatening environment for testing we can address a wider range of students with varying learning abilities."

The Children's IQ and Achievement Test is a rich source of information for parents and an engaging, challenging, learning experience for children. This valuable resource puts parents in control as they track their child's progress throughout the first 10 years of school. "The program provides a way for parents to track their child's achievement in school without having to rely on other sources," said Dr. Cecil Reynolds, President, American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.

The Children's IQ and Achievement Test is available in a Windows/Macintosh hybrid CD-ROM format through distributors, specialty retail chains, computer superstores, mass merchandisers, mail order and direct from the company at (800) 301-9545. The Children's IQ and Achievement Test has an estimated street price of $39.99.


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