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Small Business Users Rate Claris Software as More Reliable Than Microsoft's


Reinforcing its position as a leading software vendor for the rapidly-growing small business market, Claris Corporation today announced results of a survey showing Claris customers rate its database and productivity software as more reliable, easier to learn, offering more value for the money and higher in general satisfaction than users of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Office.

At a keynote speech to members of the Software Publishers Association yesterday, Claris President Guerrino De Luca described highlights of the study, conducted by Dataquest, a Gartner Group Company.

Claris FileMaker Pro database software and ClarisWorks integrated productivity software were both rated by small business customers as more reliable than comparable Microsoft products -- Microsoft Access database and Microsoft Office suite. On a scale of 1-to-5, (1 = not at all satisfied, 5 = extremely satisfied) users ranked the reliability of FileMaker as 4.37 and Access 4.00. In the area of productivity software, customers ranked ClarisWorks 4.38 for reliability and Microsoft Office 3.79. "Reliability is arguably one of the most important issues for today's small business software customer," said Chris LeTocq, Dataquest principle analyst for PC software. "This fast-growing segment needs and demands software that is reliable and gets the job done.

For small business users, time is money, and they demand computing solutions that get the job done without professional IS support. The respondents to this survey said that Claris has met this market need with products that fit the bill." The results of the study also showed distinct Claris software leadership in terms of usability (easy to learn, accommodates users of many skill levels), another important theme for small business customers. Respondents across the board ranked ease-of-use as the most important purchase criteria.

FileMaker Pro and ClarisWorks both outscored the Microsoft products as easier to learn and applicable to more skill levels. FileMaker Pro received scores of 3.87 for "easy to learn" compared to Microsoft Access' 3.25; while ClarisWorks logged 4.38 to Microsoft Office's 3.53. The study also revealed that both Claris products were ranked highest in overall performance and value for money by small business users. The study included Windows and Macintosh software users and was completed in July, 1996.



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