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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

New Mailing List for Classic Macs


Classic Macs is devoted exclusively to pre-Quadra Macintoshes by Apple. If you use anything from a Macintosh 128 to a Color Classic, a Mac II to an '030 LC, Classic Macs is for you. Classic Macs is a moderated list requiring your participation.

The authors are requesting that stories be submitted ie., help tips, how-to articles, software reviews and any other editorial contribution you can think of. This is a publication by classic Mac users for classic Mac users.

Do you have technical questions regarding your classic Mac or classic software? Classic Macs is for you. You can ask questions, make comments, and share information with other Mac users with the new Classic Macs List.

Being a classic Mac user doesn't mean that you don't have an '040 or a PowerMac. It means you recognize the exceptionally long-term value of all Macs, especially since the Mac Plus. While older IBM PC's (even '386's) are quickly reaching the computer graveyard, classic Macs continue to serve, hold much of their value, and still attract new and old users alike.

To subscribe to Classic Macs, send e-mail requesting a subscription. You will receive a confirmation and instructions on how to post to the list.


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