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Clinton/Gore Endorsed by Over 75 Silicon Valley Executives, Including Steve Jobs


Over 75 business leaders from the largest and fastest-growing high technology companies, as well as several of the most influential venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley and throughout California, today announced their endorsement of President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

The president and vice president telephoned the group, hosted at Adobe Systems Inc. by the company's president, Chuck Geschke and CEO John Warnock. San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer, Apple Computer's founder Stephen Jobs and 17 high technology leaders were on hand at Adobe for the telephone call.

President Clinton has expanded his support in Silicon Valley since taking office, the executives said, because his policies look toward the future, with an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the new high-tech global economy.

"When it comes to creating jobs, deficit reduction and investments in technology and education, Clinton and Gore have shown remarkable leadership," said John Doerr of Kleiner, Perkins & Byers, one of the nation's leading venture funds.

"The president appreciates that today's business is conducted in an international forum and he is helping us compete internationally," Adobe's Warnock said.

For the Silicon Valley/San Jose area, investments in research, technology and education, making development of the "Information Superhighway" and opening world markets point to extraordinary job growth and a better-prepared 21st century workforce.

"President Clinton understands the importance of Silicon Valley to the nation's economic vitality," said San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer. "Nearly 41,000 jobs have been created here in the last two years. Because of President Clinton, Silicon Valley businesses are more competitive than ever before in the global marketplace."

Dr. Yvette Prado, vice president of Silicon Graphics, said Clinton "helped transform our schools with information-age technology. I believe that the Clinton/Gore team will continue to invest in America's future and prepare our children for the 21st century."

About one-third of the endorsers are executives working in the new and emerging high technology sectors growing around the Internet and World Wide Web -- industries created since the election of Clinton and Gore in 1992.

A complete list of endorsers follows: New Tech Endorsements Co-CEO Eric Alderman of HyperMedia Group, Emeryville Investment Manager Greg Avis of Summit Partners, Palo Alto President Prakash Bhalerao of Silicon Architechs, Mountain View President Pat Burt of Acteron, Redwood City President Tom Dell of TR Dell, San Francisco Co-CEO Jim Edlin of HyperMedia Group, Emeryville Product/Marketing Manager Seth Fearey of Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino President Samuel Gibbs of Avcom Systems, Sunnyvale President Chris Greene of Greene Engineers, Campbell CEO Dan Greening of Chaco Communications, Cupertino Chief Technology Officer Jay Guenon of Wired, San Francisco CEO and President David Hayden of The McKinley Group, Sausalito CEO Gary Kremen of NetAngels Founder Matt Kursh of Eshop, San Mateo President Wendie Bernstein Lash of Webchat Communications, Mountain View Vice President Paul Lippe of Synopsys, Mountain View Executive Vice President Maxwell Isabell of The McKinley Group Sausalito President Henry Poole of Vivid Studios, San Francisco CEO Janina Powlowski of E-loan, Palo Alto Vice President of Engineering Jeff Ralston of Four 11, Menlo Park President Michael Santulo of Four 11, Menlo Park Publishing Associate Michael Sly of Red Herring, San Francisco CEO and Chairman Steve Weinstein of Logistix Software, Fremont Executive Vice President Marta Weinstein of Logistix Software, Fremont Vice President Steve Westley of WhoWhere, Mountain View Partner Thad Whalen of Aspen Ventures, Los Altos CEO Craig Wingate of Vivid Travel Network, San Francisco ------ High Tech Endorsements CEO Paul Allair of Xerox, Stamford, Conn. CEO and President Carol Bartz of Autodesk, San Rafael CEO and President Gerry Beemiller of Infant Advantage, Fremont CEO John Seeley Brown of Xerox PARC, Palo Alto Partner Brook Byers of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Menlo Park CEO Doug Carlston of Broaderbund Software, Novato CEO Debi Coleman of Merix, Forest Grove, Ore. Senior VP Ken Coleman of Silicon Graphics, Mountain View CEO Bud Colligan of Macromedia, San Francisco CEO Chuck Comiso of Wyse Technology Inc., San Jose CEO and President John Dean of Silicon Valley Banchares, Palo Alto Vice President Yvette del Prado of Silicon Graphics, Mountain View Partner John Doerr of Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, Menlo Park CEO Donna Dubinsky of Palm Computing, Los Altos Vice President Debra Engel of 3COM, Santa Clara Principal John Freidenrich of Bay Partners, Cupertino Chief Science Officer John Gage of Sun Microsystems, Berkeley Partner Greg Gallo of Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich, Palo Alto President Chuck Geschke of Adobe Systems, Mountain View CEO and Chairman Bill Hambrecht of Hambrecht & Quist, San Francisco Chairman and CEO Irwin Jacobs of Qualcomm Corp., San Diego CEO and President Steve Jobs of Pixar, Richmond Founder and Vice President Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems, Mountain View CEO and President David Katz, M.D., of Lydik Pharmaceuticals, San Diego CEO Mitchell Kertzman of Sybase, Emeryville


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