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Clixsounds Releases Audion CD-ROM, Download Demo here


Clixsounds, a producer of unique sound files for Macintosh users, introduces its first CD-ROM. "Audion" is a compilation of over 600MB of original sound files for use with many common functions of today's Macintosh computers. Audion is partitioned for use with both Macintosh and Windows, and select portions can play on any audio Compact Disc player.

The CD-ROM comes with several hundred new sounds for use as StartUp Sounds, System Alert Beeps, System Clock Sounds, Email Sound Replacements, or Collectibles. Audion includes both 16-bit/44.1kHz and 8-bit/22.5kHz stereo System 7 versions of all sound files.

What makes Audion unique to other sound-related CD-ROMs is that its sounds are designed specifically for use on computers. It contains numerous Pro-Macintosh StartUp Sounds, like "Prayer Of Power Macintosh," "Digital Paradise," "Silence Is Boring," "Pure Power," and 35 others, including instrumental and Holiday sounds. With over 150 System Alert Beeps, Audion brings forth a wide variety of short stereo sounds for use as alternative beep sounds. The CD also includes 15 sets of System Clock sounds designed specifically for the System 7.5 (or above) "Date and Time" Control Panel or SuperClock Control Panel (shareware), with each theme containing sounds for 1/4 Past, 1/2 Past, 1/4 'Til, Top Of the Hour, and Chime. Sets include "GrandFather Clock," "Rock-n-Roll Clock," "Walky Talky Clock," "Alien Voice Clock," "Nature Clock," and others.

Another feature of the Audion CD-ROM is the variety of sounds designed for email programs like Claris Emailer and Eudora Pro. There are numerous sound files that can be assigned in the user's settings to play when new mail is received. For programs like Eudora Light, which do not allow user-assigned sounds, Audion provides automatic sound replacers , which install the sound for you. Sounds include "Caribbean New Mail," "21st Century New Mail," "AirMail," "Symphonic New Mail," "RainForest New Mail," "Robot New Mail," and several others.

The CD comes with several "Collectibles" like the "Star Battle" series, which progresses with each sound file to make a continuing story. Other creative pro-Macintosh collectibles are also included, like the "Monster-Mac Rally," as well as several QuickTime animation files that, when installed, play automatically when your Mac starts up. It also contains over 20 of the latest audio-related shareware/freeware utilities.

Audion is available for $34.95 (+$5 S/H) and can be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. On-line ordering and complete information on the CD-ROM is available

Download a demo of the Audion CD-ROM.

Check out several of the sounds that are included on the CD.


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