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Metrowerks New CodeWarrior 10 at Apple Expo Paris Support for Java


New CodeWarrior IDE improves overall ease-of-use, offers Direct-to-SOM support and new visual Metrowerks announced CodeWarrior Gold 10, a new version of its award-winning suite of programming tools for the Macintosh.

"By consistently delivering timely enhancements to our development suite, three times a year, we strive to earn the loyalty of thousands of Macintosh programmers all over the world," says Jean Bélanger, Chairman and CEO of Metrowerks. "With the release of CodeWarrior 10, Metrowerks further solidifies its leading position in the 32-bit development tools market."

CodeWarrior Gold provides support for software development in four different programming languages (C/C++, Object Pascal and Java), for five different operating systems (Mac OS, Windows 95/NT, BeOS, Magic Cap and PowerTVOS), and four different microprocessors (68K, PowerPC, X86, MIPS), all from one intuitive development environment. Its unique, modular, front-end/back-end architecture offers true cross-platform compiling, making it easy to port applications from one operating system to another. Version 10 brings users a host of new features to the IDE, enhanced Java and OpenDoc support and new documentation:

New IDE Dramatically Improves Overall Ease-of-Use CodeWarrior 10 includes a brand new version of the CodeWarrior IDE, version 1.7, which further extends the overall ease-of-use of the environment, particularly at the class browsing level. An outstanding graphical browser visually displays class hierarchies and allows users to browse classes from within source code via pop-up menus that show up when clicking on symbol names in source code. A new AppleScript menu features a number of pre-scripted shortcuts, and AppleScript files enable users to add customized scripts to the menu as well. Tighter integration for debugging, global project preferences, a multiple undo feature, reduced memory usage and expandable tools bars in the Editor also contribute to the overall sleekness of this new IDE.

Continued Java Support Simplifies Java Development Two new features have been added in Version 10 that make developing with Java considerably easier. A new release of Metrowerks Constructor now allows for visual development of graphical user interfaces, or GUIs, with Java. The applet viewer is now conveniently supported from within the IDE so users can run HTML files without opening a separate application. Other new features in the Java tools include version 1.0.2 of the JDK from Sun Microsystems, a new optimize option in the Java compiler, a new Java utility called CodeWrangler, which allows developers to view and alter the content of uncompressed Java zip files, disassembly support in the IDE, plus "thrill-seeker" (or alpha) versions of Metrowerks' Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler and a new native Java compiler.

Continued Support for Latest Apple Technology C/C+ compilers now offer support for Direct-To-SOM language extensions for OpenDoc development, and a stable debugger for Copland, Apple's version 8 of the Mac OS, is also included.

New Documentation Shortens Learning Process Surpassing its reputation for offering the most extensive online documentation and reference material for any development environment, Metrowerks has added new interactive help and tutorials in the form of Apple Guide files that take users step-by-step through the CodeWarrior IDE. Two new online books, Software Development Using PowerPlant, by Jan Harrington and From Mac to Windows by Stephen Chernicoff bring the online self-help programming books included on the Gold 10 CDs to a total of five.

Pricing and Availability CodeWarrior Gold 10 is now available direct from Metrowerks and from Metrowerks authorized distributors for a suggested retail price of US$399. Registered users receive two free updates in January and May 1997 and technical support. International versions of CodeWarrior are available localized for the following languages and character sets: Traditional and simplified Chinese, French, German, Kanji, Korean, Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish.


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