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Metrowerks CodeWarrior for BeBox


Metrowerks Inc. today announced a new release of CodeWarrior®for BeBox™, the Be™-native version of its award-winning Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which will ship the first week of September, 1996.

The BeBox edition of CodeWarrior is used to develop applications for the BeOS™- a multi-processor-based operating system developed by Be, Inc.™The BeOS is the heart of the BeBox computer system introduced last year. The BeBox integrates multiple PowerPC™microprocessors into a personal computing system geared for sophisticated digital design.

CodeWarrior for BeBox, written directly to the native BeOS application programming interface (API) and application framework, boasts a multithreaded IDE, enabling concurrent compilation, which takes advantage of the multiple processors found in the BeBox to speed application building.

CodeWarrior for BeBox DR2 incorporates changes to the IDE such as re-structured preferences and a "zoom-to-definition" code-exploration feature, making programming easier. Additionally, improvements to the unlimited linker and C++ language conformance strengthen performance, however, the most significant new feature in CodeWarrior for BeBox DR2 is an integrated Be-native debugger which allows for native, single-machine debugging.

CodeWarrior for BeBox will continue to be offered direct from Metrowerks for an introductory price of $149. Developers who purchase the DR2 release will receive an extended set of updates, including all releases through CodeWarrior for BeBox 5. With version 3, the product will resume its suggested retail price of $299 and will include two free updates.


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