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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

'The Museum at COMDEX' Brings History to Life


Twenty five years ago in November 1971, the microprocessor was introduced to the world, marking the start of a revolution that has since changed the way we live, work, even think. . "The Museum at COMDEX" opens its doors on Sunday, November 17, 1996 at COMDEX/Fall, in Las Vegas.

More than 210,000 IT business professionals from around the world will have an opportunity to see first hand the "evolution in process", as they tour the museum and see more than 40 original artifacts representing the industry's history.

Since 1971, the microprocessor's speed has continued to be improved upon -- each generation outdoing its predecessors at a phenomenal rate. The model unveiled 25 years ago could execute 60,000 operations per second. Today's chips perform over 112 Millions of Instructions Per Second. The Museum at COMDEX will chronicle these and other innovations, pausing for a look back at the industry's short but epic history. Visitors will be treated to a series of vignettes depicting the various stages of technology through the last three decades as they travel through a historical perspective of the information technology industry.

Beginning with the Busicom calculator, incorporating the Intel 4004 microprocessor, visitors will wind their way through "The Hacker's Garage", cluttered with the relics from the early days of computing, including: Computer Space, the first coin-operated video game, developed by Nolan Bushnell in 1971; the MITS Altair 8800 widely thought of as the "first" personal computer; and the Apple I computer, of which Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold about 200 out of a garage.

The museum provides a glimpse of representational artifacts depicting the development of the microprocessor; personal computers and programs; floppies and modems, and brings you into the world of "The Hong Kong Jockey Club". As an early customer of the first IBM PC, this organization utilized the Lotus 1- 2-3 spreadsheet program to track race course statistics, prepare budgets, and maintain staffing information.

Then it is on to 1985, and "The Granada High School" journalism class. Computer technology turned this journalism class into a desktop publishing enterprise. The school newspaper was produced using an Apple Macintosh computer and Aldus PageMaker software. The evolution continues as witnessed by artifacts depicting the growth of processing power, the progression of portability and on to representations of today's microprocessors and microcontrollers used in our everyday lives.

"The Museum at COMDEX" is presented as part of a special program of events, "25 Years of Industry Achievement". The week long celebration includes an awards program established to honor key products and the individuals who have made a significant contribution to the industry. Special forums, including a keynote presentation by Andrew Grove, president and CEO, Intel Corporation, along with "The Crystal Ball" PowerPanel and three SuperSessions: "Research Under Wraps", "The Next 25 Years", and "Today's Movers and Shakers" present industry leaders engaging in hot topics certain to captivate audiences.

COMDEX/Fall '96, taking place November 18-22, 1996 in Las Vegas, will have more exhibitors, new product launches and exciting events than any COMDEX in history. From the desktop to the server to the Web, over 2,100 companies from around the world will demonstrate products and technologies for more than 210,000 attendees representing over 120 countries. COMDEX is the world's biggest IT exhibition and provides exhibitors and attendees alike with the latest product and technology information in the areas of Internet and the Web; Communications; Network Computing; Multimedia; Servers; Computer Telephony; Desktop Systems; Mobile and Wireless Computing; Office Systems and OEM Sources. The COMDEX Conference Program brings together the industry leaders to provide in-depth direction, comparison and evaluation on today's technology and products through more than 70 high-impact sessions.


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