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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

P.publishing Bestows "Best of COMDEX" award on Apple


The staff of P.publishing (the publisher of six electronic journals dedicated to online topics) descended on Chicago last month for the biannual COMDEX and WINDOWS WORLD shows. These trades shows typically feature tomorrow's new products that will define our computing futures.

As we wandered through the gigantic halls of McCormick Place East and North, we came across an amazing display of technological prowess. Inside a small theater of 15 terminals there was a real "no nonsense" comparison between two of today's premiere microcomputer operating systems: Mac OS and Windows 95. Now this wasn't your typically "skewed" performance between some souped up Pentium Pro WinTel box and an equally potent PowerMac offering; instead a simple Macintosh 7200/120 with an internal Pentium 100Mhz adapter card drove this demo. Ironically, this theater was wedged between IBM and Gateway 2000, yet, by using this pedestrian PowerMac as a guide, each participant was able to toggle between either operating system, as well as compare the strengths and weaknesses of two HTML Web browsers--Netscape Navigator 2.0 vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0.

Who was this forethinking manufacturer--Apple Computer, Inc. And P.publishing bestowed our "Best of COMDEX" award on Apple based on the merits of this powerful presentation.

You can read all about the products, people, and places from this season's COMDEX Spring '96 Exhibition in P.publishing's "COMDEX '96 Show Summary."


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