The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Commonwealth Network Generates Over 1Mil Advertising Impressions Per Day


Interactive Imaginations today released data showing the explosive growth of its Commonwealth Network , an Internet advertising supported program designed to bring advertising dollars to small and emerging web sites.

The Company announced that the Commonwealth Network generated over 30 million impressions for the month of September, a 45% increase from the previous month.

"The Commonwealth is the link between national advertisers and thousands of small to mid-size content based sites that define the Web," says Chip Meakem, Director of Electronic Marketing, "We've got over 4,000 affiliates many of whom are making enough revenue from their web site to consider quiting their day job."

Chuck Musciano, a Commonwealth Affiliate agrees. "My skills lie in web site development and promotion, not in advertising and client management. By providing a bridge between my site and Internet advertisers, the Commonwealth made it possible for me to become self-sufficient overnight."

Launched with 500 charter sites in June of this year, current advertisers include Microsoft, Ziff Davis, Encyclopedea Britannica, Starwave, Buy-it-online, Firefly,, Apple, Capitol Records, The Cobb Group of Magazines, NBC, and Random House. There is no fee for a web site to become an affiliate member of the Commonwealth. Sites can become members regardless of traffic or size.

The Commonwealth Network is sold to advertisers by Softbank Interactive Media Sales, which also represents Yahoo, Netscape, and NBC Interactive. Earlier this year the Commonwealth became the exclusive advertising network of Microsoft's Site Builder Network, which is designed to provide web authoring tools to aspiring site developers.

Interactive Imaginations was founded in September 1994 by Michael Paolucci and John Waller and was one of the first Inter support from national advertisers, pioneered one to one marketing online.


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