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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Industry Leaders Join Up To Support Connectix Quickcam Digital Camera Application


Connectix Corporation, announced that premiere video applications companies White Pine Software Inc., VDOnet Corp., and RealMedia Inc. have joined as members of its new Developer Program.

Connectix created its QuickCam Developer Program to encourage and support the development of QuickCam-based applications. Because of these coordinated efforts, QuickCam users can expect more and better applications that work seamlessly with their QuickCams. Connectix CEO Roy McDonald states, "The QuickCam digital camera line is known for its leading-edge technology, affordability, ease-of-use, video quality and reliability. By teaming up with applications developers, we are offering our mutual customers more choices for added functionality, ranging from adding images and video to their Web pages, through video conferencing and email, to compatibility with popular graphics and imaging software."

White Pine Software Inc.

Nashua, NH-based White Pine Software Inc. (NASDAQ: WPNE), a new member of the QuickCam Development Team, produces Enhanced CU-SeeMe (TM) software, one of the most well-known applications for the QuickCam, and one of the most well-recognized applications for videoconferencing over the Internet.

"The QuickCam is obviously a leader in its product category, and we are pleased to be working with Connectix in developing videoconferencing solutions," says Jack Dutzy, vice president of sales at White Pine Software. "There is a high degree of synergy in these two products. Connectix's Developer Program will more closely couple our respective technologies. We are aiming for very similar audiences[ consumers looking for market-leading, low- cost video communications and conferencing products."

VDOnet's VDOPhonet videoconferencing software enables full color, live motion, two-way video and audio communication between people over Internet connections or via H.324 connections (direct modem connections).

"Video is unquestionably the most powerful way for consumers to communicate on the 'net," said Yuval Cohen, Vice President, Marketing, VDOnet Corp. "We are very pleased to see Connectix continue its efforts to encourage the use of video."

RealMedia Inc.

Boulder, CO-based RealMedia Inc. produces SeeMail (TM), a software program which, combined with the use of a QuickCam, enables users to create, to send, and to receive instant pictures and voice recordings in E-mail messages. SeeMail can be used with most existing E-mail programs using MAPI. Recipients of these messages only need the "receive" software, which can be downloaded from the website (, or included in the E-mail message from the sender. SeeMail (for Windows only) will be available free of charge in a bundled package from Connectix.

"We use the Connectix QuickCam to turn E-mail into a three-dimensional communication vehicle," said Jim Sherman, president of RealMedia Inc. "Consumers will find that QuickCam is the perfect hardware device for our application because it's inexpensive, easy to use, and produces very high quality images."

Developer Program

The Connectix Developer Program is comprised of three levels: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Each level has its program components, membership requirements and developer benefits. All program participants are eligible for the following benefits:


  • Special developer discount prices on Windows and Macintosh QuickCams
  • Pre-market information enabling early applications development for Windows and Macintosh
  • Updates to hardware and software issues, new features and future developments
  • Developer marketing programs participation
  • Access to the QuickCam low-level interface specifications

    Earlier this year, Connectix released the highly-anticipated Color QuickCam, a 24-bit color digital video camera that plugs directly into a computer for brilliant color images and video. Retailing for $199, the Connectix Color QuickCam is the most affordable digital video camera available. The grayscale QuickCam, which was introduced about two years ago, retails for about $99. There is no charge to enroll in the QuickCam Developer Program, and interested parties can sign up at the Connectix website .


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