The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

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Cool Stuff was updated on April 23, 1996.

The independent news resource for the Macintosh community, the Info Zone maintains links to all the important peertinent Mac sites on the Net. Be sure to check them out. They also keep a watch on Apple stock and list the daily closing as well as a cool graph. You will also find links to excellent and timely news sources including of course "The online MacinStuff Times" as well as many others.

The Info Zone is a great example of PageMill, the Macintosh only program, showcasing it's ease of use. Thank you Chris Sparno for a great site!

Amazing Searchable Database

inFORMed SOLUTIONS, Inc. will be offering a searchable database of over 30,000 computer and computer items. You will be able to search for an item by name, manufacturer etc. You will be presented with a list of matching items of which you can select and order right over the net. They promise us that you will see some pretty spectacular prices and will be able to order (securely) right from their page. Check them out and give support them, they have supported MacinStuff many times in the past.

Very Cool site, with lots of Contents, Dr. Daves Home Page. From a navigatable geodesic
dome home, Vegetarian living, Woodstock Reunion, Very cool animations, art and
much more. Be sure to visit and check out all of Dr. Daves Cool Stuff.

The $10,000 Macintosh World Wide Web Security Challenge
A Summary of the Network and the Attacks

Two more cool sites to Bookmark

This is the Apple Flavored Java homepage. It is dedicated to the Java language on the Macintosh platform. As far as I know it is the only site like this. It has samples, information, links, resources,
and I update the What's New page daily.

This is the unofficial Macintosh Evangelist homepage. It has an unofficial compilation of posts to Guy Kawsaki's mailing list, tons of links, resources, ideas, and a What's New page that is updated often with Apple related news.

Newer, has a new version 1.2 of Guru , it has an incredible amount of information on every Mac present and past. Want to know how much and what type of Ram you can put in your Macintosh or Performa, it's here. Listings show CPU speed, VRAM options and much more. You can download this indispensable utility FREE here.

Apple computer's OpenDoc 1.0 is available on the World Wide Web, the site is averaging more than 1000 OpenDoc downloads each day. In the first 20 days after introduction alone, more than 40,000 different people accessed the OpenDoc Web site. As of this release, individuals from more than 45 countries around the world have taken a look at OpenDoc on the Web. Visit the OpenDoc Web site and try it yourself.

CUPERTINO, California-February 6, 1996-Apple Computer, Inc. has invited tens of millions of cyber surfers around the world to attend this year's GRAMMY Awards-online. The company today announced that it will present live, interactive coverage of the 38th annual GRAMMY Awards on the Internet. This year's nominees include Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Boyz II Men, Chris Isaak, Seal, The Eagles, Joan Osborne, Madonna, TLC, Bob Dylan, Primus, and Toni Childs. Visit Apple Grammy site, and check this out.

It is now easier and safer for Mac users making purchases of products through the Internet. On January 29, 1996 CyberCash Inc. released a free electronic commerce utility for the Mac.
CyberCash Currently CyberCash Mac Wallet may only be used by merchants running the CyberCash server. CyberCash Inc. is planning support for electronic-cash transactions by second half of 1996.
CyberCash Wallet, provides a walletlike interface, where users can store their Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card information. All data is protected by a password. When visiting a Web site running the CyberCash server, the user simply hits the "Pay" button, and the CyberCash Mac Wallet automatically launches and takes over the payment process, the company said. Additional information as well as Mac and Power Mac versions are available free download here.

Copland is the new Macintosh operating system due sometime next year it will be called MacOS system 8. Many of you have been using the shareware program called Aaron. While Aaron is undoubtedly cool, it is nothing more than a visual magician. Go to for the complete scoop on Copland (System 8), compliments of Running man Graphics.

           View Movie   Shockwave      Real Audio Player       Envoy
Plug-ins for the Mac OS are starting to show up. These are among the coolest out there. They are all available for FREE download. The Quick Time movie plugin is at an early beta stage, as well as the Shockwave. I have used them without to much crashing, To download a plug in click on the icon above. To view pages that use these plugins click on the name under the plug in.

MAC TODAY MAGAZINE An Irreverent, Off-The-Wall, PC-Slamming Totally-Biased Look at the Macintosh." Has lots of cool Mac info, and links. Help support our fellow publishers and check out thier zine today.

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