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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Copland Delay Concerns Developers, Voice your Opinion


Due to recent announcements by Apple concerning the plight of MacOS 8 and the cancelled DR1: Compatibility Edition CD a web page to collect votes from developers.

From the web Site:

"Are you a Mac OS Developer? If so, are you:

Pissed off, because the MacOS 8 DR1: Compatibility Edition CD has been scrapped after a promised delivery?

Hurt, because developers have had a carrot dangled in front of them, only to have it yanked away at the last moment - once again.

Angry, because you've got a burning desire to create the greatest software of our generation and switching over to Brand X gets more and more tempting with each and every delay?

Do something about it!

If you've had it with Apple, let them know by voting your mind.

Voting Rules: Your company name will not be shared with anyone. It is here for the purpose of voting only. You may vote once from any IP address."

Votes will be collected for the period of one week at which time the current tally will be presented here and voting will be allowed to continue until Apple cries "Uncle."

Weekly results will be mailed to important people at Apple Developer Relations.

Thank you for your participation. Check back on August 19th for the initial results! "


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