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CopyPaste 3.1.1 Released, Download it Here


CopyPaste was recently choosen by MacUser as the Utility of the Year 1996

CopyPaste is the leading multiple clipboard and text processing utility and is now better then ever with the release of vesion 3.1.1.

One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do copy and paste across various applications. Unlike other areas in the Mac's system software that have changed and progressed over the years, copy and paste has not evolved. How many times have you found yourself going back and forth copying in one application and pasting in a different application, wishing to yourself that you could copy 5-10 items at a time, then go to another application and paste each of these items. Now you can!

New Features

Version 3.1.1 of CopyPaste has been improved and enhanced in many ways
10 clip archives (registered users only).
All clipboards are maintained thru restarts (registered users only)
Examples are provided so that programmers can create new tools
New simpler menu layout
Tools for graphics have been added
Tools can now work on clipboards of any size (dependent on application memory)

CopyPaste is the winner of the America Online Macintosh Utilities Shareware award for 1996 and has been showcased in many magazine and on many web sites world wide.

CopyPaste has been hugely successful with writers, publishers, students, editors and others who spend time writing and copying, cutting and pasting. See the comments below by a few of the users of CopyPaste. Many now see CopyPaste as essential and central to the efficiency of using their Mac.

CopyPaste can be download here.

CopyPaste is easy to install and behaves in concert with the Mac operating systems to add the features mentioned above. CopyPaste can be tried out for 30 days free before paying the shareware fee. The shareware fee is $20. Site Licenses are available (100 users is only $500) Reviewers should contact us for more details.

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