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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Corel Announces Coreldraw 6 Suite For Power Macintosh


Corel Corporation and its subsidiaries are pleased to announce CorelDRAW 6 Suite for Power Macintosh the first fully-featured graphics and word processing suite for Macintoshusers -- which is expected to ship by the end of August. This new suite is optimized for the Power Macintosh and includes two new applications -- Corel ARTISAN and Corel TEXTURE-- along with the updated CorelDREAM 3D 6. With CoreWordPerfect3.5 for the Macintosh also included in the box, users have access to a full range of tools for vector illustration, photo editing, 3D modeling, word processing and texture creation.

"CorelDRAW 6 Suite for the Power Macintosh represents super value and goes far beyond a simple porting of CorelDRAW for Windows 95 technology to the Macintosh," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. "Specifically tailored to the Mac, this package includes a new paint program, a powerful texture generation program and a graphical charting utility which together offer a perfect solution to anyone in the prepress market or the desktop publishing and design industry. The inclusion of Corel WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh rounds out this suite like no other."

"With the strong penetration our Power Macs have achieved in the publishing, design and illustration markets, we believe that CorelDRAW 6 Suite for Macintosh has the potential for significant sales into these markets," said Heidi Roizen, vice president of developer relations at Apple. "We are very excited to now have this award-winning, world-leading graphics software package available and optimized for the Macintosh operating system."

Core applications include:

CorelDRAW(TM) 6: A native Power Macintosh version of the world's premier vector illustration package. CorelDRAW provides a full range of powerful drawing tools, is fully compatible with CorelDRAW(TM) 3, 4, 5, and 6 for Windows(R), and offers dynamic special effects such as Lens, PowerClip, 3D extrusion and enveloping.

Corel(R) WordPerfect(R) 3.5: A fast, powerful and easy-to-use word processor that delivers comprehensive tools for writing, editing and communicating information. It offers Tables support, spell checking on the fly, grammar checking, and an exceptionally intuitive interface. Added functionality such as graphics and page layout features, plus innovative Internet publishing tools make this package much more than a word processor.

CorelDREAM 3D 6: A powerful spline-based 3D modeling and rendering package based on the popular Ray Dream version 4.0 developed by Ray Dream, Inc. CorelDREAM 3D has an intuitive interface and supports 3D model creation using free form, wizard or basic 3D object primitives. Other highlights include custom surface mapping capabilities, extensive lighting controls and the ability to render high resolution ray-traced images based on three dimensional image data.

Corel TEXTURE(TM) 6: A procedural texture generation program that excels at simulating natural textures like marbles, woods, stones, liquids and metals. Every texture is created by combining up to seven user defined material layers, defining the interaction between these layers and applying lighting effects. Users can create an unlimited variety of custom textures by manipulating available texture parameters.

Corel ARTISAN(TM) 6: An image editing and photo re-touching program that includes a full complement of painting and image editing tools. It supports Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filters, plus offers access to a wide range of unique built-in image effects. It also provides flexible brush styles which allow users to simulate traditional image media like oils, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, etc.

Corel MULTIMEDIA MANAGER(TM) 6: A visual file management utility that helps users to easily organize and manage graphics files, sounds fonts and video clips.

CorelTRACE(TM) 6: A bitmap-to-vector tracing utility that can be used to convert scanned or manually created bitmap artwork into vector images. CorelTRACE supports 6 tracing modes and allows users to save traced artwork in CMX, PICT and AI(EPS) formats.

MasterJuggler(TM) 2.0 Pro: A font utility that allows the user to manage TrueType(R) and Type 1 fonts. Users can use this application to dynamically create, install and de-install custom font sets on their system, as well as preview typefaces on screen and obtain file information about specific fonts.

CorelCHART(TM) 6: A graphical charting utility that allows users to present business data using a variety of colorful graph formats. More than 40 chart types are supported, including bar, pie, line, gantt, 3D and scatter diagrams.

CorelDRAW 6 Suite for Power Macintosh also offers users an extensive collection of image libraries, templates and fonts to help enhance documents. These include over 25,000 clipart images, 1,000 high-resolutions photos, 1,000 Type 1 fonts, 700 TrueType(R) fonts, 750 3D models, 50 CorelDRAW templates, 100 Corel TEXTURE templates, 84 WordPerfect templates, as well as 300+ full- colored bitmap textures, 100+ bitmap objects and 200+ chart samples.

A significant part of the development of CorelDRAW for the Macintosh focused on implementing standard Macintosh user interface behaviors into the CorelDRAW 6 applications, therefore ensuring that the resulting applications support key Apple technologies. Most of the applications in the CorelDRAW 6 Suite provide extensive Apple(R) Guide support, and CorelDRAW, Corel WordPerfect and CorelTRACE are AppleScript(TM) enabled. Corel WordPerfect 3.5 supports Macintosh(R) Easy Open, MacinTalk(TM), QuickDraw(TM) GX printing and Worldscript, while CorelDRAW 6 supports the Kodak Digital Science(TM) Color Management System. CorelDRAW, Corel ARTISAN, CorelTRACE and Corel WordPerfect all support the Macintosh(R) Drag Manager as well as QuickTime(TM) file manager.

The Macintosh version of CorelDRAW 6 adheres closely to standard Macintosh conventions with respect to document selection and roll-up behavior, and allows users to take advantage of the Mac operating system to span documents, tool palettes etc. across multiple monitors.

CorelDRAW 6 Suite for Power Macintosh carries a suggested retail price of $595 US, with a competitive upgrade of $149 US from any version of Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or Deneba Canvas. Loyalty upgrades of any version of WordPerfect for the Macintosh or CorelDRAW will be also honored. The English version will ship by the end of August 1996, with German, French and Japanese versions becoming available by the end of 1996. Additional language versions will be announced in coming months.


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