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Corel WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh Ships


If you have the Novell version of WordPerfect 3.5 Mac you can get the new Corel version one of two ways. 1- Download the update installer from our ftp site ( or CompuServe (GO WPMac). The updater only updates the WordPerfect application and does not include the bonus software (fonts, clip art, MasterJuggler Pro, etc.) that Corel has added to the full package. The updater has temporarily been removed while we test a new update installer (for more information see http://www.corel.com/support/mac/update.htm)

2- Novell 3.5 users can purchase a Corel WordPerfect 3.5 replacement CD for $24.95 by calling Customer Service at (800)77-COREL or (800)772-6735, providing their Novell license number and asking for the $24.95 CD. This gives them all the bonus software included in the new Corel package. This does not include a new manual (no editing changes have been made to the manual). This offer is only available from Corel Customer Service!

Corel also offers a competitive trade-up from any Macintosh full featured word processor to Corel WordPerfect for $89.95. This offer is available at your local reseller and Corel Customer Service. Academic pricing is also available from your local reseller.

The Corel Macintosh Team wants to hear from you! Contact them . They cannot always guarantee a reply, but can guarantee that your message will be read by the people at Corel directly responsible for WordPerfect for Macintosh in Engineering, Marketing and Support.


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