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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

CPU Doubler To Increases Performance by Up to 100%


CPU Doubler is a "software only" performance enhancement utility for the Apple Macintosh. Reportedly the software will increase the performance and responsiveness of your computer by as much as 100%. This will result in a faster computer, making the computer more efficient in running all of your applications.

CPU Doubler achieves this performance enhancement by properly managing the computer's throughput. Throughput is defined by the amount of time the processor spends executing process instructions. Most Macintosh computers have multiple processes running most of the time. Even if the user starts up only one process, such as a word processor, there are other hidden processes running. Even the Finder takes up CPU cycles. All these CPU cycles add up and slow down the overall performance of the computer.

CPU Doubler increases the computer's throughput via a proprietary scheduling algorithm. System 7 has a fairly simple scheduling algorithm which gives equal time to each process. There is no sophisticated load management scheduling that tries to optimize system performance by adjusting the amount of time each process gets. CPU Doubler adds this feature.

CPU Doubler also lets users customize performance to fit their needs. By setting individual process priorities, users can perform their own load balancing, finally giving users the ability of "job control" found in other multitasking operating systems such as UNIX and OS/2. There is even a history feature with which to set priorities of non-running applications so that future use will yield the desired result.

CPU Doubler requires system 7 or higher to run, and works on either a Power PC or a 68K Macintosh, giving the same improved performance on both. It is available now from Orchard Software, Inc. for a special introductory price of $47.95, a 40% savings from its $79.95 retail price. An additional $3 shipping charge (overseas shipping is $7) must be added. MA residents must add 5% sales tax.

CPU Doubler also includes with it a free copy of Cron Manager, our chronological event management utility, which retails for $26.95. For more information please contact Orchard Software, Inc by email, via regular mail, or call Orchard Software, Inc. P.O. Box 380814 Cambridge, MA 02238-0814 (617) 876-4608


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