The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Worldwide Live! Over WWW using Enhanced CU-SeeMe


White Pine Software Inc. is providing LIVE Internet coverage of today's WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet event by Microsoft Corp.

Using award-winning Enhanced CU-SeeMe client/server technology, White Pine will broadcast today's activities over the Internet, which will include the latest information on ActiveX, the Visual Basic program system, Scripting edition, JavaScript, Java, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, and the Internet Information Server.

In an effort to reach out to the web population, Microsoft is providing this first ever WorldWide Live! event and using Enhanced CU-SeeMe to broadcast it to Internet users worldwide. "We are excited White Pine has agreed to participate in today's event. By using Enhanced CU-SeeMe to broadcast today's sessions, we are able to give virtual attendees a richer experience in using one of today's exciting Internet applications," said Brad Struss, group manager, Developer Relations Group, Internet Platform and Tools division, Microsoft. He continues, "We are especially pleased to note White Pine's commitment to support ActiveX within CU-SeeMe technologies."

Microsoft is showing it understands what it takes to be successful on the web -- training the population. "WorldWide Live! Activating The Internet" is a new and exciting approach to explaining the technologies, details, and solutions for web-based Internet content. It consists of active and engaging discussions from experts in their fields as they guide physical and virtual attendees step by step through the process of creating a cutting-edge web site for the Internet.

Internet users all over the world will be able to watch and interact in today's live "Cybercast" of WorldWide Live! using Enhanced CU-SeeMe software, which can be downloaded here. Enhanced CU-SeeMe and the White Pine Reflector, a client/server technology, provide person-to-person conferencing, group conferencing and live broadcasting using TCP/IP over POTS, ISDN, LAN and the Internet.

"We are pleased Microsoft continues to utilize our technology for events such as this. Using Enhanced CU-SeeMe, thousands of Internet users will be able view WorldWide Live! as it happens," stated Howard Berke, president and CEO of White Pine. He adds, "Because of this, today's activities are being offered everywhere, from theaters all over the country, to desktops all over the world. CU-SeeMe enables Microsoft to meet its goal of providing a worldwide, educational event for the entire web community."

White Pine Software continues to attract and partner with industry leaders to provide the most comprehensive and exciting desktop audio, video and data communications over the Internet. White Pine provides a full range of desktop connectivity solutions to end users, corporations, retailers and OEMs worldwide. White Pine develops, markets, and supports applications for real-time Internet and Intranet collaboration and access on the Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT and Apple's Macintosh/PowerMac platforms. The company's award winning products include Enhanced CU-SeeMe, the White Pine Reflector and eXodus.


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