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White Pine Incorporates T.120 Technology Into Enhanced Cu-seeme Videoconferencing Software


White Pine Software and DataBeam Corporation at TeleCon that White Pine has licensed DataBeam's FarSite, a T.120 standard compliant document conferencing application, for incorporation in White Pine's award-winning Enhanced CU-SeeMe videoconferencing software.

In the same agreement, White Pine has also licensed DataBeam's recently announced neT.120 Conference Server, to be integrated with the White Pine Reflector videoconferencing server. The addition of these two technologies will provide Enhanced CU-SeeMe with complete, standards-based data collaboration.

On the client side, the Enhanced CU-SeeMe WhitePineBoard will allow full interoperability with other T.120 applications and will support multipoint document sharing over the Internet and corporate Intranets. This addition is furthering White Pine's support and adoption of the H.323 packet-based videoconferencing standard to which T.120 belongs.

On the server side, the White Pine Reflector will incorporate DataBeam's neT.120 Conference Server, the first software-only Internet server based on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) T.120 standards for multi-point communications. neT.120 Conference Server enables users on any platform equipped with an HTML browser to participate in real-time, multi-point data conferences on the Internet or over corporate intranets.

"DataBeam's neT.120 Conference Server is a natural fit for White Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe," said David Panos, DataBeam's vice president of marketing. "As a leading provider of Internet videoconferencing, White Pine will help bring data collaboration in mass to corporate enterprises."

This agreement demonstrates White Pine's on-going commitment to the adoption of international standards. The integration of FarSite in Enhanced CU-SeeMe, and neT.120 Conference Server in the White Pine Reflector will broaden the functionality of the client/server software. It will also provide corporations, ISPs and educational institutions with professional collaborative tools. Howard Berke, White Pine's president and CEO, stated: "The success of Enhanced CU-SeeMe in the consumer market has established White Pine as one of the leaders in the software desktop videoconferencing market. We now want to carry on our leadership to the enterprise solution market. The licensing of DataBeam's T.120 products is a major step toward this goal." Mr. Berke added: "White Pine is proud to be working with leading-edge companies such as DataBeam. I am convinced that our relationship will boost the success of Enhanced CU-SeeMe in the professional and enterprise market segments."

Enhanced CU-SeeMe allows users to conduct person-to-person conferencing, group conferencing and live broadcasting ("webcasting") using TCP/IP over POTS, ISDN, LAN and the Internet. It is used for real-time, full color desktop videoconferencing over the Internet and corporate Intranets. The software is currently being used by universities, commercial businesses, governments, cybercafs and consumers. White Pine continues to broaden current market appeal by implementing standards-based technologies within Enhanced CU-SeeMe.


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