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Cybersurf ``VIRTUAL T1'' Technology


Cybersurf Corp. announced that it plans to pursue a global expansion of its patent pending Virtual T1 Central Server Access technology. This technology, in the market and continually improved for over three years, predates the highly promoted ``$500 network computer'' being readied for launch by a consortium of IBM, Oracle, Netscape, DEC, ARM, Apple and others.

Cybersurf's Virtual T1 technology is simple in concept: place programs on a central server and allow customers to log in and run problem and crash-free, pre-configured software. Virtual T1 offers customers access to services, including word processors, on-line banking, Internet access and large private and public information bases among others.

There are two major differences between the $500 network computer and Cybersurf's Virtual Tl. Virtual T1 runs on any Intel-based platfonn from 286/386 machines to Pentiums and all future systems. In addition, Virtual T1 does this without requiring the purchase of an additional limited capability system.

Cybersurf's Virtual T1 technology has attracted First Calgary Savings which has entered into a joint venture agreement with Cybersurf to develop a secure on-line banking program called ``1stLink''. The 1stLink program resides and runs on Cybersurf's central servers. First Calgary clients use 1stLink to connect to dedicated local, high-speed telecommunications lines to securely access First Calgary's data storage facility, thus ensuring complete data safety and integrity because there is no link to the world and culture of the Internet.

Cybersurf intends to expand its Virtual TI-based banking paradigm on a worldwide scale by developing relationships with major banking and financial institutions. Dave Gregory, CEO of First Calgary joined Cybersurf's Board of Directors on September 10th and will assist Cybersurf in its global expansion.

Cybersurf's expertise in the planning, installation and development of secure wide area networks (WAN) for businesses wanting seamless links to the Internet and between branch offices, popularly referred to as the ``extranet'', can be introduced into global scale banking and other financial operations.

Virtual T1 allows machines, even at the level of an Intel 286, to access the Internet, retrieve data and conduct online banking with full power and greatly enhanced ease of use. This makes Virtual T1 a strong candidate for rapid market penetration and dominance in developing nations currently seeking entree to Internet community. Cybersurf's first international expansion is planned for later this year in Latin America and then the Far East.

Since the Virtual T1 technology is connected to the global internet at a single point, efficient filtering of access to content is provided. This is likely to be extremely attractive in certain countries whose moral and cultural standards dictate restrictions on content. Unlike a program running on the user's home machine, a user connected to Cybersurf's system will not have the opportunity to circumvent or deactivate a filtering program. In addition, filtering programs for any type of information can be elected to be employed on Cybersurf's Virtual T1 system.

In addition to its use by governments and businesses, Cybersurf anticipates enormous interest in its single point connectivity system which will enable religious, cultural or regional ``communities of interest'' to develop and flourish with complete privacy.

Cybersurf is allocating a major portion of its resources to the development and commercialization of broad-band wide area network technologies. These advance technologies will enable Cybersurf to deliver high-quality, real-time audio-visual media across land-based telecommunications lines to consumers with either computer monitors or standard television sets. This technology is being positioned as an alternative to the use of expensive satellite connectivity for the transmission of information, including one high-revenue area that Cybersurf is currently pursuing, gaming information, such as Bingo and Horse Racing. Cybersurf anticipates the full implementation of this technology on a hemispheral basis beginning within the next six to twelve months. This strategy is being employed to maximize the enormous future potential offered by NAFTA. A patent is pending on this technology.


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