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Reyburn CyberTuner. RCT Turns a PowerBook into Piano Tuning System


A Mac developer and full time piano-tuner technician just released "Reyburn CyberTuner". RCT turns a Mac Power- Book into the most advanced, versatile, accurate, and fun piano tuning system .

RCT and a Mac PowerBook now take the place of dedicated hardware tuning devices (sometimes called "strobes") for professional piano tuner- technicians. The program uses the Mac's built-in digital recording, to listen to the piano, calculate an expert level tuning, and then tune the piano, all with the Mac! RCT is at least 4 times as accurate and sensitive as the closest dedicated hardware tuner. The patent pending program is unique, and is a first of its kind on any platform.

PC users who would never have considered a Mac are now taking a second look, and many are jumping ship! About half the users came from PC's, the other half are Mac users that now wouldn't even think about a PC.

RCT uses digital audio recording and realtime DSP (digital signal processing). It calculates an individual "virtual aural tuning" for each piano, then uses a graphic, dynamic real-time flat/sharp display that is so intuitive that most users/tuners can tune with it right away. RCT also includes a specialized piano spectrum analyzer called "Pianalyzer'.


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