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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Dancing in the Streets, Well at Least on Your Mac, Download beta here


PaceWorks Inc. DANCER 1.0b9 is available to the public for the first time. DANCER has been steadily improved since its first public appearance at Macworld Boston in Aug. The final release is scheduled for next January 97. This public beta version is allows the test driving of DANCER for free, and allows for users to receive an exceptional discount on the future introduction price of DANCER next January.

DANCER is a professional-level 2D animation authoring tool working on Power Macintosh platforms to offer major features such as: advanced animated typography effects, powerful composition features, a totally streamlined "drag & drop/point & click" animation process, powerfully precise music synchronization, elegantly simple time controls, and much more, all driven in one truly user-friendly interface that enables even novices to create professional quality output in just minutes.

There are two ways to use this powerful and exciting new authoring tool: the limited trial Beta version is free, and the full-featured Beta version is only $49. The free version has limited functionality as long as it is unregistered. When you want to register your version for full access to all features, follow the simple instructions to unlock the $49 complete beta version. You will automatically be eligible for the limited-time $70 special "Early Adopter discount" on the final version in January. Of course, any future release of DANCER during this Beta period will be provided to you at no added cost whatsoever.

The Dancer installation package will install the Dancer application as well as the Registration tool. If you have not already installed Apple's QuickDraw GX on your system, with this new version of DANCER you can still enjoy the great capabilities of GX without having to install it to run DANCER. DANCER 1.0b9 automatically installs an INIT (developed by Apple) that contains only the graphics and line layout components of GX, WITHOUT changing anything else in your system configuration. Your print environment is not altered and there's no impact on any of your other applications.

There are only two caveats:

- In order to use Postscript Type 1 fonts, you will need to enable them, for example by using Type 1 Enabler to allow DANCER to recognize such fonts and create dazzling animations with them.

- This version of DANCER 1.0b9 will not allow you to print if the INIT is installed. If you really want to print a DANCER composition, then you'll need to install QuickDraw GX instead of the INIT, that should then be removed.

In January 1997, PaceWorks will release the final version of DANCER 1.0; the suggested retail price will be $445, and there will be a limited-time introductory price that will be announced later. Now, if you unlock the $49 Beta version of DANCER between now and the release date of the final version, you'll save an additional $70 off the introductory price of the final product, giving you a very special price for the final version of DANCER 1.0.

But you can only participate in this "Early Adopter" special offer by downloading and unlocking the full-featured Beta version of DANCER now. Offered at just $49, this Beta version lets you get going on your Internet or CD-ROM multimedia animations right away.

So, here's your chance to be among the "Early Adopters," experience DANCER, and find out just how easy it is to input and integrate elements in different data formats that you can import from a variety of graphics and multimedia objects such as Adobe™ Photoshop™ pictures, Adobe™ Premiere™ movie files, DigiDesign™ SoundDesigner II™ sound files, Steinberg™ Cu-Baz™ midi files, and many other rich multimedia programs. With a few mouse clicks, and by just dragging and dropping various multimedia elements into DANCER's composition window, you'll be producing professional looking animations for Web sites or CD-ROMs in minutes.

Download the (4 meg) Dancer beta.


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