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Plastic Security ID Cards, Uses QuickTake 150, Looking for Mac Developer


Wizdom Microsystems developed a system for printing on a DataCard Printer. The current DataCard product is designed for a PC DOS/Windows environment. This means you need a serial/ parallel adapter card to interface with it. 4th Dimension is used as the data engine to store and print the data and photos. An Apple quick Take 150 takes the photos and puts them directly in to the Application.

As usual, and because we can with 4th Dimension, we wanted to port the application to the Windoze side. Well, our client wants all the options too so we do it, OK! After many hours of wrestling we finally got it to work only to loose the picture quality and some of our fonts (3of9 bar codes).

This printer is designed for use with a PC, but with a Hurdler card and a Mac printer driver, this unit will thermally infuse an indelible photo quality color image with text on to a plastic credit card in about 30 seconds per card. It will even print on both sides with the added flipper attachment and thats in the next rev for us.

Wizdom is looking to market this software to anyone interested. They prefer the Mac because of the lower support costs but we have a PC version and can customize the splash screens if you like.

If interested contact Ken Stoneburg Wizdom Microsystems, Inc PO Box 5444 Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342 520/567-5011


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