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Affordable Multiprocessing Upgrade for Apple Power Mac Systems 180 MHz Dual Processor


DayStar Digital has introduced its new nPOWER 360+. This dual-processor upgrade card for Mac OS systems is available at the incredibly low price of $1,499. DayStar's nPOWER 360+ uses two 180 MHz PowerPC 604e processors and the Apple/DayStar Multiprocessing library. In addition, nPOWER 360+ comes with special Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that provide even greater multiprocessing performance gains than two-processor solutions from Apple Computer or UMAX Computer.

DayStar's nPOWER 360+ was designed as the plug-and-play multiprocessing upgrade for Apple Power Macintosh 7500, 7600, 8500, 9500 and UMAX Mac compatible computers. Users migrating from slower 120 and 132 MHz systems will instantly see better performance in all applications. But performance gains in multiprocessing applications will range from two to three times faster!

nPOWER 360+ is the smart upgrade

"Upgrade cards based on the new 180 MHz PowerPC 604e processor make a lot of sense now. Apple made its latest systems upgradable, and many of those users who purchased these systems are looking to upgrade," said Andrew Lewis, president and CEO of DayStar. "Upgrading to multiprocessing makes even more sense. For only $1,499 users can now effectively double to triple the speed of their old systems in multiprocessing applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Apple's QuickTime 2.5. In addition, the number of applications that support multiprocessing is really starting to takeoff. Applications from Electric Image, MetaTools, and Live Picture are just around the corner, and even more companies are on the horizon."

The multiprocessing technology used in DayStar's nPOWER 360+ upgrade card supports System 7.5.x, and it will be fully supported within Apple's recently announced Mac OS 8 (Copland). In addition, DayStar's nPOWER technology has been licensed to Apple Computer and UMAX Computer Corporation for use in both company's high-end systems and multiprocessing upgrades. With the addition of these nPOWER licensees, the rapidly growing number of multiprocessing users is a strong incentive for more Macintosh software developers to add multiprocessing support to their applications. The applications that currently utilize the Apple/DayStar Multiprocessing API include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Strata Studio Pro Blitz, Apple QuickTime 2.5, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, and Kodak Color/Photo CD plug-ins. Applications soon to arrive with MP support include Electric Image, MetaTools Final Effects, MetaTools Bryce, Live Picture, Deneba Canvas, PCC Professional AutoTrapper and more. A complete list can be found on DayStar's web site.

Even more speed in Adobe Photoshop

DayStar has further enhanced the multiprocessing performance of Adobe Photoshop, the leading imaging application on the market. Currently over 170 Photoshop functions are multiprocessing enabled. With the release of two new Photoshop plug-ins, DayStar MP Booster and DayStar MP Plus Pack, Adobe Photoshop now goes even faster on DayStar's MP solutions.

The DayStar MP Booster was designed exclusively for DayStar nPOWER and Genesis MP systems. It provides substantially increased multiprocessing performance for many Photoshop functions. In many cases, performance gains of 200-300% are achieved. Areas where this multiprocessing plug-in accelerates performance include Free Rotate, Arbitrary Rotate, Rotate 180=B0, 90=B0 CW and 90=B0 CCW, Flip Horizontal, Flip, Motion, File Open and others. DayStar MP Booster ships with DayStar's Genesis MP systems and nPOWER multiprocessing upgrade cards.

The DayStar MP Plus Pack adds multiprocessing performance to the six specialized "third party" filters within Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects packages. These filters include: Wind, Lens Flare, Radial Blur, Pointillize, Crystallize and Lighting Effects. These filters perform up to five times faster on DayStar's MP solutions when compared to current single processor 180 MHz systems. Besides shipping with all DayStar MP products, customers can download the DayStar MP Plus Pack for free from DayStar's web page.


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