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Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. and Graphisoft Reach Trademark Agreement


Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.announced that it has signed an out-of-court settlement with Graphisoft, U.S., Inc. and Graphisoft R&D Software Development Co./Graphisoft Szamitastechnikai GMK regarding the use of the Company's trademarked name. In the early '80s, the two companies were founded with similar names in different corners of the world - Columbia, MD, and Budapest, Hungary. Today, however, both are active in the international marketplace. Believing that Diehl Graphsoft's general-purpose CAD package (MiniCad) is in direct competition with its high-end architectural software package (ArchiCAD), Graphisoft initiated the trademark suit in early 1996.

"We prefer to compete in the marketplace rather than the courtroom," says President and CEO Richard Diehl. "While we have always been Diehl Graphsoft, Inc., for many years now we have traded under the abbreviated name Graphsoft. To avoid a protracted lawsuit, however, we have agreed to use our full name from here on forward in all product information and to not apply for a trademark under the name Graphsoft in the U.S. or any other country. In return, Graphisoft has granted us a worldwide license to trade under the name Diehl Graphsoft, Inc."

The use of the Company's full corporate name will be transitioned in over the next several months as new product and marketing materials are created. The first change to take effect will be the Company's World Wide Web address. By September 30, the Company's electronic address will change to "diehlgraphsoft.com", but forwarding systems will be in place for consumers sending e- mails or searching for Diehl Graphsoft's homepage using the old address "graphsoft.com" until May 30, 1997.

Diehl Graphsoft is a leading developer and marketer of 2D/3D CAD software for use with Microsoft's Windows software, Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh. MiniCad has received many prestigious domestic and international awards, including the Macworld World Class Award for CAD, the MacUser Editors Choice Award for CAD, the Australian Macworld Class Award and the Switzerland Macworld Best CAD Award. The Company also develops and markets Blueprint 5, a 2D CAD package. Diehl Graphsoft's products are marketed in domestic and international markets through both direct sales and distributor and dealer channels.


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