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Digicom Systems Introduces Ruggedized Modem


Digicom Systems today introduced the 33.6 Kbps Scout Pro External Data/Fax Modem.

The ruggedly built Scout Pro offers a variety of usage options specifically tailored to suit the "business-critical" high data rate needs of today's corporate/professional user, including dial up/lease-line operation, answer/originate operation and synchronous/asynchronous operation.

The Scout Pro's rugged metal case immediately differentiates it from the plastic cases more commonly found with external modems. The Scout Pro is designed for professional users who require reliable communications in sometimes adverse telephone systems environments.

In addition to the conventional dial-up operation, the Scout Pro offers two-wire leased line operation for inter-office or direct computer-to-computer communication. Synchronous as well as conventional asynchronous operation provides significant performance improvement in dedicated applications.

The Scout Pro's answer/originate switch is a particularly useful feature in areas where phone lines are difficult to get or where long distance connect charges are high, quite typical of the international markets.

The answer/originate switch allows users to conduct an ordinary telephone conversation and then establish modem communications on the same line without the need of hanging up and redialing.

For maximum reliability, the Scout Pro provides complete Local/Remote Digital and Analog Loopback diagnostics and an automatic power-on self test.

The modem is compatible with Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, DOS, IBM OS/2 and the Apple Macintosh. The Scout Pro operates at speeds up to 33.6 Kpbs data transfer and V.17 14.4 Kbps S/R Fax. Combining V.34 modulation with V.42 bis data compression and V.42 error correction, the system provides full duplex operation with throughput up to 115,200 bps, supporting even the most sophisticated high-speed data communication needs.

The modem is fully compatible with all common modem standards to ensure reliable connections with the broadest possible range of modems. Speed is automatically negotiated on connection. Status LEDs and an audible speaker are provided.

For fax operation, the Scout Pro offers Group 3 send/receive fax capability up to 14,400 bps and supports Class 1 fax commands.

The suggested retail price for the Scout Pro is $289.


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