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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

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Thursday April 16, 1997


Digimarc MarcSpider Service -- Auto-detect Upgrade Now Available, Download here

Wouldn't it be great to know all the places on the web where your watermarked images are being reproduced? Now you can, with Digimarc's new MarcSpider service.

MarcSpider crawls the entire web, looking for watermarked images and then reports back to you, the owner, where the images were found. As an individual subscriber to MarcCentre, this new add-on service will be available to you at *no additional charge.*

You'll receive quarterly listings of all the sites using your images. With just a click you'll be hot-linked directly to those sites.

This exciting new service is a major breakthrough in providing you the tools to track the usage of your valuable images through- out the web. You'll have the opportunity to gain new revenue by insisting on usage fees or, at the very least, be in a superior position to demand the removal of your images.

You'll receive an update in May on the official roll-out of the new MarcSpider service, showing sample reports. MarcSpider will begin seraching the Internet in coming weeks, with first reports sent to you in July.

A new version of Digimarc's PictureMarc Auto-detect plug-in is now available. Version 1.01 of PictureMarc Auto-detect provides *significant performance improvements* over the 1.0 release.

For most images, the auto-detection will take less than one-half second, regardless of image size.

Download PictureMarc Auto-detect plug-in




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