The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

DineNet Menus Online 1,900 Menus on the WWW


DineNet Menus Online, the Internet's most comprehensive interactive restaurant directory, today announced that it has added an additional 800 listings to the service bringing the total number of menus online to over 1,900.

In addition to Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, DineNet has added listings in Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington DC. In addition, DineNet is launching a Worldwide internet advertising campaign, on Yahoo! Inc., the Internet's preeminent online directory now using Digital Equipment's Alta Vista search engine. "With close to 2,000 restaurant listings, DineNet is now the Web's most comprehensive guide to America's Metropolitan restaurants," said DineNet President Reja Sabet.

"The service is a great benefit to business travelers, tourists, restaurant connoisseurs and other web users, both domestically and internationally. DineNet has something for everyone." On the site, the directory includes complete menus, prices, reviews, pictures, addresses and phone numbers. The site allows browsers to search by location, cuisine, alphabetically or by amenities. In addition, browsers can search menus by food item (i.e. Where can I find grilled rabbit in Atlanta?).

The site is optimized for Netscape and AOL Web browsers. DineNet Menus Online is a wholly owned subsidiary of WebGATE, a Gulf Associate Telecommunications Enterprise, an affiliate of Gulf Associates Inc. Gulf Associates, specializes in entrepreneurial endeavors that have resulted in the sale of over one billion dollars in diverse products and services. Gulf Associates has initiated or participated in the equity of over sixty joint ventures.


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