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Edmark Four Award-winning Favorites in One CD


Edmark Corp. announced the shipment of four of its award-winning Early Learning House Series titles in a limited edition holiday bundle.

Edmark's Early Learning Quartet, available now through Dec. 31, 1996, features enhanced versions of the critically acclaimed classics Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House and this year's Software Publishers Association Codie Award winner for Best Early Elementary Education Program, Trudy's Time & Place House.

The Early Learning Quartet introduces children from ages two to six to beginning math, science, reading, time-telling and geography skills. The CD-ROM versions of the Early Learning Quartet products are designed to take full advantage of Windows 95 and to be fully compatible with Windows 3.1 and Macintosh computers.

Millie's Math House, designed by early childhood experts, gives young children the building blocks they need to develop a solid foundation in math. In seven fun-filled activities, kids explore numbers, shapes, sizes, patterns, addition and subtraction as they build mouse houses, create wacky bugs, count animated critters, make jellybean cookies and answer math challenges posed by Dorothy the duck.

In the Cookie Factory: kids can decorate cookies with zero to 20 jellybeans. Kids can select a number from zero to 30 in the Number Machine and watch to their delight as little critters pop up and count off. In What's My Number?, kids count, add and subtract in order to place the same number of objects on their stage as Dorothy the duck has on hers.

In Bailey's Book House, Bailey and his friends encourage young children to build important literacy skills while developing a love for reading. In Bailey's house, seven interactive activities invite kids to explore the sounds and meanings of letters, words, sentences, rhymes and stories. Kids sound out and read three-letter words at the Three-Letter Carnival. They learn common adjectives and build descriptive phrases with My Friend.

In Bailey's house, no reading skills are required: every word on the screen is read aloud, and each word in a sentence is highlighted as it is read.

Sammy's Science House builds important early science skills and encourages wonder and joy as children discover the world of science around them. Five engaging activities help children practice sorting, sequencing, observing, predicting and constructing.

In Sorting Station, kids learn simple scientific classification. In the Workshop, kids construct machines and toys they can print. They discover how plants and animals live at Acorn Pond and can read and print a "Field Notebook" of interesting information about the pond's animals. Kids control the weather in the Weather Machine and learn to build logical sequences in Make-A-Movie.

Trudy's Time & Place House teaches time-telling and early geography skills in a way that delights children. Trudy, a charming alligator, and her whimsical friends, Ann and Dan, Joe Crow, Dale the Dog and Melvin the Hippo, invite kids to build time-telling skills; to develop mapping and direction skills; and to "travel" the world learning about continents, oceans and landmarks.

The five rich activities in Trudy's Time & Place House are designed to engage and inspire pre-readers: all directions are spoken; friendly characters, upbeat music, colorful graphics and humour create an inviting, fun-filled learning environment; and open-ended activities allow children to explore and learn at their own pace.

"It's tremendously rewarding to watch a child's face light up with pride and joy when they engage in the fun learning activities offered by Millie, Bailey, Sammy and Trudy," says Donna Stanger, Vice President, Product Development and interim CEO. "This collection of highly acclaimed, award-winning programs is a valuable addition to every family's software library."

Two Modes of Learning

Some children learn better when they direct their own learning; others learn better with more prompting and direction. The programs in the Early Learning Quartet make both types of experiences available by offering both an Explore & Discover Mode and a Question & Answer Mode for most activities.

Helpful Information for Parents

Each program in the Early Learning Quartet features a special Dear Parents Video Presentation that helps parents understand more about their children's learning.

In addition, the User's Guides include "Together Time" activities for parents and children to share away from the computer. The Guides offer suggestions for easy, at-home activities that help parents integrate reading, math and science into everyday life.

Recognized by Experts

Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House and Trudy's Time & Place House have been honored with a combined total of 43 prestigious industry awards; some of the highlights include:

-- Software Publishers Association's Codie Award for Best Early

Education Program -- Parenting Magazine's Best Children's Software Award -- MacUser Editors' Choice Award for Best Children's Program -- Parents' Choice Award -- FamilyPC Family Tested Recommended Award -- Parent's Choice Award for a "Classic Computer Program" -- All Star Software Award, Children's Software Revue -- Technology & Learning, Software Award of Excellence -- Teachers' Choice Award -- Early Childhood News Directors' Choice Award

The Early Learning Quartet includes Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House and Trudy's Time & Place House and is available now through December 31, 1996, for Macintosh computers and Windows operating systems at a price of approximately $59 to consumers.


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