The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

The Internet Document Management System Now Available on GSA


Blueridge Technologies, "The Internet Document Management Company," is showing their award-winning OPTIX Document Management at this week's Federal Imaging show. OPTIX is now available for the first time on a GSA schedule. OPTIX is the first industrial-strength document management system to be optimized for both Macintosh and Windows, and to allow for document search and retrieval via the Internet.

OPTIX, a leading document management system available to the commercial sector since 1988, provides users with an exciting array of powerful document imaging and document control features:

Cross-platform Support

Macintosh - OPTIX 5.0 is the only industrial-strength document management system that is optimized for the Power Macintosh, as well as earlier Macintoshes.

Windows - OPTIX 5.0 is optimized for Windows 3.1, Win95, and Windows NT.

Internet - OPTIX 5.0 is 100% TCP/IP compatible, so you can run it on over the Internet or your internal network (your "Intranet").

World Wide Web - OPTIX WEB allows your users to access OPTIX databases via their favorite Web browser. Whatever you've stored on your OPTIX system, including scanned images, wordprocessing files, spreadsheets-even mainframe records from OPTIX COLD software-you can now publish to the World Wide Web.

Document Imaging

OPTIX Hot Links - OPTIX "Drag and Drop" technology allows you to link any document in your OPTIX database with any other document. You can even link OPTIX documents to sites on the World Wide Web.

Annotations and Mark-up - OPTIX lets you annotate and mark-up your images without changing the images themselves. You can draw lines and shapes on your images-in color-just like you highlight paper documents.

Scripting - OPTIX is the first document management system that is scriptable on both Windows and Macintosh, so integrating it with other applications is a breeze.

Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) - Our new RPC-based APIs allow you to integrate OPTIX with your existing computing infrastructure and image-enable legacy systems.


Rules-based Routing - OPTIX allows you to create routes with built-in logic that governs where documents go, based on your description of them.

Digital Signatures - OPTIX supports digital signatures so you can verify that files have been properly "approved" by a specific person.

Support for Electronic Mail - OPTIX supports industry standard E-mail interfaces so you can use your existing E-mail system to distribute documents to people who are not on your workflow system.

Text Retrieval

RETRIEVALWARE - combines adaptive pattern recognition and semantic network technology- the two most powerful text retrieval technologies-into a single system. You can access text databases from an OPTIX client, or from your favorite Web browser.

Cold (computer Output To Laser Disk)

Dual Storage - OPTIX COLD is the first software that allows you to archive mainframe documents in either ASCII or image format.

Automatic Indexing - OPTIX automatically indexes your documents based on the information contained in the documents themselves.

FilterText - Exclusive OPTIX technology allows you to handle a wide variety of EBCDIC or ASCII records, including those with variable line and page delimiters, fixed line and page lengths, encoded IBM vertical forms control information, and non-printable characters.

Drag and Drop Formatting - OPTIX allows you to create scripts that will automatically format your COLD documents, just by dragging a file from your host computer onto the appropriate script.

Document Management And Control

Security - OPTIX supports multiple levels of security access and user privileges, so you can maintain complete control over your documents.

Check-in/Check-out - OPTIX allows you to prevent others from modifying a document while you're working on it.

Revision Control - OPTIX lets you create and view an audit trail of revisions.

Support for Retention Schedules - OPTIX allows you to keep your document databases up to date by purging obsolete documents.

OPTIX systems begin in the range of $60,000 and include server software, client software for both Macintosh and Windows, installation, training, and support.


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