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Do It All! Calendar v.3.03


The purpose of Do It All! Calendar is to manage changing priorities, deadlines, regularly occurring events, and appointments, in an intuitive and visual way. You can log and/or export completed jobs and postponed jobs. Although I wrote the original version for myself, I have spent much time embellishing Do It All! Calendar for the public. Because I want this program to be useful to everyone, I greatly encourage all suggestions, comments, and bug reports.

This new version, 3.03, is a maintenance release. I've got a bunch of features already prepared for the next major release (month views, PowerMac native version, more localization), but it doesn't have a schedule yet.

Send email if you are interested in testing future versions.

MacWorld says: "Do It All, a scheduling/reminder/to-do-list manager, is good-looking, fast, and simple to use."

MacUser says: ('four mice' rating) "Do It All! is an attractive organizational tool with a strong graphical orientation that serves as priority and things-to-do manager, calendar, and scheduler. On-line documentation tells you how to use the product. Some aspects of this software, for example, font sizing, are eccentric, but the Do It All!, overall, is a great tool with solid features."

Shareware Magazine says: "Definite A+ for user interface design and overall product usefulness. ... With its human interface and commonsense approach to scheduling, Do It All! blasts past all other reminder [apps] we've seen."

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