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You Don't Know Jack Game Volume 2 Ships


Berkeley Systems, Inc. announced that the sequel to its top-selling, critically acclaimed game, You Don't Know Jack, has shipped.

You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 includes over 800 all-new questions, along with new question types and features like the star-studded Celebrity Collect Calls. Created in partnership with Jellyvision of Chicago, You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 is available for Windows and Macintosh, on CD-ROM, with an estimated street price of $30.

For the consumer new to You Don't Know Jack, Berkeley also offers You Don't Know Jack X-tra X-tra Large, containing over 2,000 questions from You Don't Know Jack X-tra Large and Volume 2. Available on CD-ROM, for Windows and Macintosh, this title has an estimated street price of $40.

"You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 is all about popular culture and who better represents that than some of the hottest names in TV, film and music," stated Julie Tarlton, Product Marketing Manager for Berkeley Systems. "Besides, we wanted the autographed pictures to hang in the office."

You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 combines classic trivia with pop-culture references in a witty, brain-twisting mixture that is as challenging as it is entertaining. The game features an audio track with original music, sound effects and hilarious dialogue.

Recreating the swift pacing of a TV game show and the sarcastic musings of a game show host, You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 takes users on a wild ride from the green room all the way to prime time! In addition to its fast pace and hilarious content, You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 continues the tradition of social gaming, bringing players elbow-to-elbow over a single keyboard.

You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 contains the all-new Celebrity Collect Call, a feature that brings players face-to-face with the stars, and we're not talking about astronomy! In a Celebrity Collect Call, players meet celebs who'll come up with and read a question that invariably has some-thing to do with their "Hollywood" persona (hint, hint).

With today's prime time powerhouses like Tim Allen, Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey and such pop-culture icons as Erik Estrada, Mick Fleetwood, and Lauren Tewes (that's Julie McCoy from the Love Boat), You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 will have you wondering if your PC hasn't relocated to the corner of Hollywood & Vine! Celebrity Collect Calls appear in 21-question games.

Celebrities appearing in You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 include: Tim Allen, Kevin Bacon, Milton Berle, Nell Carter, Dana Carvey, Phyllis Diller, Griffin Dunne, Erik Estrada, Mick Fleetwood, Florence Henderson, Ted Lange, Ed McMahon, Dennis Miller, Charles Nelson Reilly, Carl Reiner, Lauren Tewes and Vanessa Williams.

In addition to Celebrity Collect Calls and the traditional categories of Multiple Choice, Gibberish, and Jack Attack, You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 features new question types. Players vie to figure out who the host is talking about as he waxes nostalgic in Whatshisname, and improve their hand-eye coordination in the hilarious new Picture Questions.

There's also the wacky DisOrDat questions which ask players to pick which answer best fits such questions as "Puccini: Pasta or Opera Composer?" You Don't Know Jack Volume also contains such consumer requested features as a new high score screen that tracks standings of the top 10 scorers, a question timer, and more.

Based in a crowded loft outside the Chicago loop, Jellyvision has a staff of 20 full time writers, actors, comics, filmmakers, editors, and musicians. Jellyvision's goal is to discover and develop new genres of audio and video experience that are positive, compelling and meaningful for the widest possible audience.

Jellyvision has its roots in creating fun educational films and multi-media programs for the school market. You Don't Know Jack, produced in partnership with Berkeley Systems, was Jellyvision's first run at writing an entertainment CD-ROM.