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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Dr. Brain does it again!


Sierra On-Line announced the release to retailers of The Time Warp of Dr. Brain, an exciting adventure into a new dimension of 3D puzzles, fun and adventure!

With over 400,000 units sold-to-date, multiple awards and immense critical acclaim, the Dr. Brain series from Sierra On-Line is the measuring stick to which all puzzle games are tested. Dr. Brain's fourth adventure, The Time Warp of Dr. Brain, continues this level of excellence, while bringing a realistic and visually stunning 3D rendered feel to Dr. Brain's familiar laboratory.

While working on his latest theory, the Space-Time Discontinuum, Dr. Brain spaces out and zaps himself through the ages. But in true, wacky Dr. Brain style, he is not able to zap himself back to the present and has gotten himself stuck in a trip through time. Players explore both the past and the future while solving wonderfully devilish puzzles in 10 unique puzzle areas to return Dr. Brain to his present tense.

The Time Warp of Dr. Brain combines over 600 brain-boggling puzzles, three levels of difficulty, compelling 3D graphics and animation, a hot new music score and live actor voices to create an interactive, fun experience for the whole family. Unlimited replayability and random puzzle regeneration allow each session with Dr. Brain to be a new and hilarious adventure.

On-line hints throughout the game assist players in their quest to return Dr. Brain to the present, while Dr. Brain's wise-cracking personality keeps players laughing throughout time!

The Time Warp of Dr. Brain truly gives the player a "brain-workout" where all areas of the brain are exercised and strengthened. Based on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, players explore ten puzzle areas, each representing a challenge to a specific combination of the seven intelligences that Gardner has identified. The Time Warp of Dr. Brain is not only great puzzle fun, but educationally rich as well!

The Dr. Brain series, which also includes The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, The Castle of Dr. Brain and The Island of Dr. Brain, has numerous awards to its credit. Those attributed to the Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, released in 1995, include:

  • "Best Home Learning for Adolescents," Software Publishers Association, 1996
  • "Finalist: Classics/Puzzles Game of the Year," Computer Gaming World, 1996
  • "1995 Best Children's Software," Consumer Reports, December 1995
  • National Parenting Seal of Approval, 1995
  • "Child's Best," Child Magazine, December 1995
  • "Top 100 Games of 1995," Games Magazine, 1995
  • "Best Home Learning," Technology & Learning, 1995
  • "Best New 9+ Game," Computer Museum, 1995
  • "5 stars (highest rating), Children's Software Revue, 1995.

    The Time Warp of Dr. Brain is immediately available for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Macintosh on CD-ROM for an estimated street price of $44.95. The Time Warp of Dr. Brain is available at most software retailers, as well as through Sierra Direct at 800/757-7707.


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