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Apple Dylan Programming Authored by Harlequin Experts


Harlequin announced that Harlequin employees, Neal Feinberg, Sonya E. Keene, Robert O. Matthews, and P. Tucker Withington, have written Dylan Programming: An Object-Oriented and Dynamic Language. The book on this exciting new Apple dynamic object oriented programming language is being published in August by Addison Wesley Longman.

"Harlequin is proud to have some of the world's best software engineers, with the talent and expertise to share this knowledge by publishing extensively in the areas of object oriented and dynamic languages," said Jo Marks, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Harlequin.

Dylan Programming

Dylan is a language that makes your programming time both productive and enjoyable by combining the best qualities of object oriented, procedural, dynamic, and static languages, while avoiding many of the drawbacks. The goal of the book is to introduce programmers to those features of Dylan that allow for 1) rapid development as well as 2) the deployment of applications and components on a wide range of machines and operating systems.

Dylan Programming is available in bookstores everywhere, as well as at many trade shows. Powell's Technical Books, the official bookstore of Object World West, will have copies available for sale at the show. Books may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Addison Wesley Longman, at 1-800-822-6339.

For a preview of Dylan Programming, see Harlequin's Web site . The site has posted the Preface, Introduction, and Table of Contents, as well as source code for program examples given in the book.


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