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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

LightningDraw Electric and Electrifier Announced at Macworld


Lari Software Inc. and other software developers today jointly announced Electrifier, an Internet graphics and animation initiative based on Mac OS 8 graphics technology from Apple Computer, Inc. The Electrifier playback software makes it possible for users to view large-scale vector graphics and animation in as little as 1K, allowing rapid download over the Internet. These vector animations can be hundreds of times smaller in size than the equivalent bitmap animations used today.

The freely available Electrifier playback software is a collaborative effort between Apple(R) Computer and a group of independent software developers. The software incorporates technology from Mac OS 8, the next major release of the Macintosh operating system. Based on open standards, the Electrifier software creates an accessible platform for Internet vector graphics and animation, and has already been endorsed by a number of software developers.

The initial release of the Electrifier playback software, developed by Lari Software, supports still graphics and animation within Netscape Navigator( and Navigator-compatible browsers. The second release, to be co-developed by Lari Software and PaceWorks, will add support for Electrifier graphics and animation within QuickTime movies. The current release is available on the Electrifier web site.

"We are thrilled to release the first product that incorporates Mac OS 8 technology. Electrifier is significant because it delivers the spectacular benefits of Mac OS 8 technology to users today," said Humayun Lari of Lari Software.

Rob Terrell, president of Fringe Multimedia, Inc. and co-author of "The Mac Web Server Book," says "Electrifier changes everything. Right now, lack of bandwidth is the biggest problem web designers face. Electrifier frees you to create bigger images, anti-aliased images, even animated images, with download times of just a few seconds. We can make all of our clients' sites more interesting and dramatic, and the user doesn't have to suffer for it."

Lari Software simultaneously announced LightningDraw Electric, a powerful content creation application that is available for free on the World Wide Web. This product will also allow users to convert existing PICT and Illustrator(TM) files into the optimized Electrifier file format. Other companies committed to releasing products that support Electrifier are PaceWorks, Inc., SoftPress Systems, Inc., and Modular Software.


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