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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Electrify Static Web Pages with 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave


IDG Books announced 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave, a step-by-step guide to the technology that's bringing interactive multimedia to the World Wide Web. Written by William W. Hurley II, Sebastian Hassinger, and T. Preston Gregg, this easy-to-follow tutorial reveals hot tips, tools, and resources essential for getting the most from this powerful Web tool.

Readers will discover how Macromedia Director and Shockwave form a powerful, cross-platform foundation for bringing sophisticated multimedia to the Internet. Even without programming experience, they'll learn to turn static Web pages into compelling interactive vehicles for advertising, promotion, education, and entertainment with this 3 part book.

Part I introduces the Shockwave technology:

-familiarizing readers with Macromedia Director, Shockwave's development platform.

-examining the steps necessary in developing and planning multimedia projects.

-including a tutorial to help readers build their first real multimedia project with sound, graphics, and other special effects.

Part II considers applications:

-focusing on the Afterburner compression utility so readers can convert completed Director projects for Net-use.

-offering an overview of Lingo, Director's built-in scripting language.

-presenting techniques, both basic and advanced, for importing media, adjusting features, using special effects, and more.

Part III covers delivering Shockwave over the Internet:

-providing expert advice on content, design, and Web server issues.

-including comprehensive techniques for testing and maintaining content as well as other hot tips for keeping sites current and fully operational.

-recommending sites to give readers a true picture of Shockwave's potential, its current limitations, and its electrifying possibilities.

A bonus CD-ROM accompanies the book. This value-added CD features a complete set of Windows and Macintosh Shockwave components, a save-disabled demo of Director, interactive tutorials, real-world examples of Shockwave, ready-to-go Director movies, and roadmaps to additional resources.


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